BDSM refers to the sexually erotic practices which individuals or couples partake in. BDSM stands for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism.

Bondage generally refers to (consensually) physically restraining a partner. They may be tied up or bound using ropes, hand cuffs, chains or bondage tape - indeed anything which will achieve a restraint effect.

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The use of bondage is to achieve or enhance sexual arousal by for example the look of it or the feel of the restraints.

Bondage and indeed BDSM can be self inflicted or solely performed on a partner generally in accordance with their wishes.

Discipline in BDSM traditionally refers to when the ‘Dominant’ partner within the couple makes rules whereby the ‘Submissive’ partner must adhere to. Deviation from aforementioned rules results in a ‘punishment’ known as Discipline. Playing out roles of the Dominant and Submissive partner during sex play can be wholly erotic and stimulating.

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Recent evidence suggests practices of BDSM have been taking place for over 5000 years.

Sadism refers to the occurrence of enjoying inflicting pain or suffering on a sexual partner. It may be that the Dominant partner chooses to humiliate or belittle them. In general terms it is any act which serves to degrade the partner which serves to enhance sexual arousal.

Masochism refers to when an individual tends to enjoy pain and discomfort to such an extent that it is actually sexually arousing and enhancing for them.

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Masochists largely enjoy the physical acts of being spanked, whipped, caned or flogged. In conjunction with the physical barrage they may also enjoy being insulted and belittled at the same time.

As you can see BDSM has a lot of room for scope. BDSM may involve the submissive partner being physically hurt or emotionally upset or not, it depends on what both partners actually enjoy and what they are open to.

Regardless of what type of BDSM you like to practice it is clear that the introduction of adult toys and sex toys can enhance the experience for both people markedly.

JohnThomasToys are great if incorporated into BDSM games in the bedroom. Indeed, the platinum silicone large dildos are perfect for compatible harnesses. Attached to a harness, a jumbo silicone dong can be used by for example the woman to ‘punish’ their male or female partner with anal penetration.

Furthermore, as JohnThomasToys are all vac-u-lock compatible they can be used with the majority of sex machines on the market.

During BDSM the submissive partner may be restrained and even attached to a bondage bench.

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Once buckled into the bench large silicone dildos can be introduced for anal or vaginal penetration or used orally for humiliation. A great way to introduce a large silicone dong to a BDSM setting would be with a fucking machine.

Provided the submissive is consensual using a platinum silicone jumbo dildo can be a great turn on for both partners.

JohnThomasToys have over 50 different platinum silicone dildos all available in 4 different sizes. They are ideal sex toys for incorporation into your BDSM experiences.

If you are looking to purchase an adult toy(s) then please check out our entire range. We only ever use medical grade platinum silicone for all of our large silicone dongs.

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