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Updated: Jan 14

John Thomas Toys are proud to distribute our quality platinum silicone dongs in a variety of retail platforms enabling the customer to use their favoured merchant. If you wish to buy a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo for that matter, then you are not just limited to purchase from www.johnthomastoys.co.uk

Indeed we utilize all popular online market places which customers like to peruse. The friendly staff behind John Thomas Toys have over 15 years experience within the adult toy industry, but John Thomas Toys is a new company so it understandable that some customers will feel more at ease if they purchase our platinum silicone dongs elsewhere initially.

One of the first online market places where you will find John Thomas Toys platinum silicone dildos is on eBay. Most people have heard of eBay and indeed they may also be regular visitors. It is hard to believe but eBay was actually created nearly 25 years ago and it was originally going to be called Auction Web!

Ebay is an online market place where individuals and businesses from all around the world can buy or sell goods. You can visit John Thomas Toys eBay store by clicking on the image above.

Everything which is available on our main site you will be able to find within our eBay store and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us through the site. As you will see we have an excellent online reputation and you can shop safely with us there.

Ebay offers a buyer protection policy - so that may potentially be another attractive reason to purchase your sex toys or adult toys there and we understand that! We are committed to customer satisfaction and will always strive to leave you delighted with your customer experience.

If you are paying for platinum silicone dongs or massive silicone dildos via eBay then paying with PayPal is another recommendation. With PayPal you also have added protection with every purchase you make. Essentially if the goods you order are not as described then PayPal will ensure you get your money back.

If you navigate to our main site then you will also see that we have the Norton Shopping Guarantee and we have a McAfee secure certificate in place. We accept both PayPal and PayPal credit and the same buyer protection and safer shopping experience can also be found direct from us.

If you navigate to our eBay shop then please browse our fantastic range of platinum silicone dildos and large silicone dongs. Remember once you have decided on the sex toy you require that you have to choose the level of firmness and also choose between the 4 different sizes which we offer.

Generally most adult toys we sell on eBay are offered in a small 7”, medium 9”, large 12” and extra large 16” version. The large and extra large sex toys really are huge silicone dongs – so be warned!

Another benefit of shopping with eBay is that you can link up your Nectar card if you have one to your account. Therefore, with every purchase you make of a massive silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo, then not only will you be receiving an amazing innovative sex toy, but you will also be accumulating your nectar points which you can then redeem at a later date or perhaps save until Christmas.

While eBay does offer sellers the choice to place their items on the auction block and allow interested parties to bid against one another, John Thomas Toys currently only offer their sex toys at a fixed, buy it now price.

In short eBay is a safe and reliable place to buy your sex toys and we are pleased to assist you with any purchases you may make in the future.

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