We resume today looking at sexual fetishes which some adults admit to having. We are writing about them here as within the field of sex toys or adult toys there is some general relevancy.

If you enjoy sex toys such as a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo then read on as you may find some of the content on this blog interesting at some level.

Today’s sexual fetish which some lovers of platinum silicone dongs might not have heard of is one called Abasiophilia. It’s certainly not a sexual fetish which we at John Thomas Toys have come across before and we have certainly covered quite a few recently.

Abasiophilia is a sexual attraction or a fetish in which a possible adult toy lover is attracted to another person who is in some way handicapped or disabled. We have previously mentioned how there are some lovers of platinum silicone dongs who are aroused by an amputee and we have even heard how some women enjoy being penetrated by their partners amputee stump.

Sexual fetishes for amputees is known as Acrotomophilia and it may be that an able bodied person is aroused by an amputee or they fantasise about losing a limb themselves. However that is not the focus of this article. Instead we are looking at people who are attracted rather to others that are otherwise impaired.

Examples of ways in which a person may be impaired include those that are wheel chair bound and have therefore lost mobility of their legs. Alternatively, some adult toy lovers are aroused when they see another adult with their limb(s) in plaster. Also, it may be that they are turned on if the person has their leg in a brace or is otherwise physically incapacitated.

It may be that the focus of the attraction has recently been struck down by illness or accident. Alternatively, it may be that they have a condition which they have had from birth which limits their mobility.

While it appears that the main focus is on the “disabled” person, there are also some Abasiophiliacs who fantasise about being physically impaired themselves. Generally these sex toy loving fetishists imagine being helpless and unable to move while they are sexually dominated by their dream partner.

Explanations of why some adult toy lovers are aroused by incapacitated partners are unclear, although there is some agreement that power and helplessness come into play.

Some sex toy lovers seemingly like the idea that they could potentially control their incapacitated partner and this links into role play which is akin to BDSM. BDSM behaviour clearly demonstrates a desire to control, humiliate and restrain. Expressions of these types of desires would be a lot easier if the other person was for example in a plaster cast etc.

Alternative theories suggest that the impaired person is seen as vulnerable and the other person simply wishes to mother or nurture them and this is expressed as a sexual need to look after them in every way.

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