Sex toy lovers and adult toy lovers alike we resume our curious look at sexual fetishes which lovers of large silicone dongs or huge silicone dildos may find interesting.

Today we are looking at a fetish called Agalmatophilia. Assuming that nobody has heard of this we shall clarify!

Agalmatophilia is a fetish or paraphilia whereby the person is sexually aroused by a statue or mannequin or a doll.

There are many expressions of this fetish which sex toy lovers may find amusing. We shall look at some of them here.

We begin with statues, it may be something on display in a museum or perhaps one which is situated in a stately home or public gardens. Usually the preference is for a statue to be evocative, perhaps the woman’s breasts are prominent or the man’s penis is on display.

Some enthusiasts of this fetish have been known to fantasise about the statue coming to life. They may imagine themselves having sex together. In some cases there have been sex toy loving people so aroused by a statue that they actually try to have intercourse with it!

While a statue is liable to be very big and heavy and not something you could practically have in your home, a mannequin is more portable. Indeed, there are many enthusiasts of this fetish who in addition to their platinum silicone dongs purchase mannequins and have them around their homes.

Within the comfort of their houses they can then fantasise about them to their heart’s content. Some mannequin lovers may go so far as to give the object of their desire a name. Furthermore, some may dress the mannequin in sexually suggestive attire. For example, men may dress their female mannequin in stockings and suspenders. In addition they may put an appropriate wig on their heads and even apply make-up in an attempt to make them more lifelike.

Some agalmatophiliacs like their mannequins to watch when they pleasure themselves with a sex toy such as large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo. To achieve this purpose they are liable to position their mannequins in such a way to suggest that they are being voyeuristic.

Like lovers of statues, some fetishists engage sexually with their mannequins too. Indeed, they have been known to suck on their fingers or toes or even face sit with their genitals over the face.

Some agalmatophiliacs simply observe their mannequins and do not otherwise engage with them sexually but may simply fantasise about them with adult toys.

There is also some enthusiasts who have dolls which they are aroused by. The type of dolls depict men or women and are nowadays highly realistic. Like our sex toys, they tend to be made from platinum silicone and their skin is lifelike. In addition, human adult dolls have realistic orifices for which, if desired, the owner can pleasure themselves sexually.

Because sex toys in the form of dolls are now so realistic – some even talk – that there are those individuals who no longer desire intimate sexual relationships with real partners. They feel that the use of their adult toy sufficiently appeases their need for comfort and sex which they would otherwise have received from a real person.

While sex toys such as dolls can evidently help people, this writer feels it is rather an unfortunate state of affairs if another person is no longer engaging in lasting sexual and loving relationships as a consequence because essentially they are missing out on a lot, although there is probably less arguments!

Aside from statues, dolls and mannequins which cannot move, there are those who enjoy this fetish who actually choose to dress as those objects. Within this role play they are likely to dress appropriately with complimentary disguises etc so they are hard to distinguish from for example a real mannequin.

They may do this for their own sexual amusement or more likely as part of a role play fantasy for their partner.

It may be that they would be role playing being a statue and as part of a fantasy their partner could begin to have sex with them!

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