Anal Bleaching

In this John Thomas Toys Blog we are looking at pertinent subject matter which may be of interest to lovers of sex toys such as large silicone dongs or massive silicone dildos.

The vast majority of our sex toys can be used for anal play and they include platinum silicone dildos, butt plugs, anal stretchers (massive silicone dongs in the largest sizes!).

So if you are interested in anal sex with a partner or solo masturbation with a sex toy read on as you may learn something new.

One of the most important things to note about anal play is that because the anus cannot self lubricate (unlike the vagina) plenty of a suitable personal lubricant needs to be regularly applied prior to and during penetration with the penis or a platinum silicone dong.

Before you engage in anal play it is advised (in the interest of hygiene) to empty the bowels and clean your anus thoroughly with an anal douche or enema – this helps to remove any residual faecal matter.

As all anal play enthusiasts will be aware, hygiene is an important concern. It is therefore reassuring to know that all John Thomas Toys platinum silicone dildos and sex toys can be sterilized thoroughly in boiling water after each use. They can then be left to dry and stored in a plastic air tight container to keep any dirt or fluff off of them.

If you are engaging in solo anal masturbation then the topic of this article will probably be of little concern. However, for those of you who have a sexual partner to engage in anal play with it might be something you are considering.

Anal bleaching is a process of chemically changing the colour of the anus. Or to be more specific the skin around the anus. The desired effect of anal bleaching is to make the dark colour of the anus lighter.

The reason why some lovers of adult toys or sex toys such as anal stretchers consider anal bleaching is because they want their anus to look more aesthetically pleasing.

Anal bleaching is a controversial process which was made popular by adult pornography stars who were predominantly female. Essentially the desire of sex toy lovers is to make their anus skin look the same colour as the rest of the body.

Because more men and women were having their entire genitals and anus’ waxed it made the look of their anus’ more conspicuous.

There are various chemicals which have been used over the last 15-20 years to achieve a lighter looking anus such as Hydroquinone. While a variety of products have been marketed there remains genuine concerns of their safety with the most worrying issues suggesting they may cause cancer (carcinogen).

Therefore as a consequence our best advice is to leave the colour of your anus as God intended! For hygiene having hair removed from the area is going to help as are the other steps mentioned to keep the area clean.

If you enjoy anal play or are curious by it, then it is always best to start off small and gradual. Over time you can get used to the sensations of the anus and if you so desire, introduce a larger toy. Please do not rush into using a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo as you could potentially hurt yourself. If you feel pain or discomfort chances are you are being to ambitious.

It is also recommended that you do not use creams which numb the area as you may inadvertently cause yourself an injury without even knowing.

As our platinum silicone dongs come with a vacuum hole they can be used by hand or attached to a compatible harness for your partner to wear to penetrate you with. In addition, they can be attached to a suitably compatible sex machine or fucking machine.

Do please check however, that the machine you intend to use the sex toy with is capable of handling it. Some adult toys are very big and very heavy so best advice is to check the specifics of the toy in accordance with the machine manufacturer recommendations.

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