ANAL BOMB Platinum Silicone Butt Plug

With the use of this adult toy otherwise known as the Anal Bomb there is liable to be an explosion of some sort so handle with care!

The Anal Bomb is another quality offering from John Thomas Toys. The Anal Bomb has been handcrafted for your pleasure from only the finest medical grade platinum silicone.

Please be gentle when you insert this bad boy as he packs a serious punch equivalent to a tonne of TNT!

The Anal Bomb looks and feels great and once again we are proud to offer him to our loyal customer base for your enjoyment.

Taking it’s name and resemblance from an Atom Bomb the Anal Bomb is a butt plug collector’s dream and will look great amongst your other sex toys and adult toys.

The Anal Bomb will plug you up nice and tight and not allow any leakage and for your convenience comes available in 4 handy sizes. The sizes are small, medium, large and extra large. The small size starts at 7” and the large comes in at 16”. The large really is a jumbo silicone butt plug so please check the specifications before you order.

The Anal Bomb was designed specifically for anal play and anal penetration. The Anal Plug is great for providing erotic sexual experiences of the kind you can only experience anally by stimulating those hard to reach erogenous areas.

In addition the Anal Bomb is a great sex toy for anal training. Anal training is whereby a platinum silicone butt plug is inserted into the anus with a view to facilitating full on penetration either with your partner’s penis or a suitable platinum silicone dildo or dong.

Through regular use and sensible gradual stretching of the anus and rectum you become perfectly prepared for anal sex which you can then go on to enjoy.

As the anus does not self lubricate (unlike the vagina) it is imperative to use lashing of personal body safe lubricants. With every sex toy order from John Thomas Toys you will receive a free 4oz tub of Boy Butter lubricant. Boy Butter lubricant is an ideal substance as it produces results similar to silicone lubricants but unlike those it will not degrade the surface of your sex toy.

Furthermore, Boy Butter lasts longer than water based lubricants yet will not stain your bed sheets. Boy Butter can be cleaned away with just water - so by now you will understand why we are such staunch advocates of it. The Boy Butter personal lubricant which you will receive for free with every sex toy order is made from Coconut oil and is totally body safe.

John Thomas Toys have other varieties of Boy Butter in stock and available and you can view our full range here:

When you begin with Butt Plugs start off slowly and be gentle with your body. If you feel marked discomfort or there is any sign of bleeding then stop. It may well be that you have opted for a sex toy which is too big or you have used an insufficient amount of lubricant. Alternatively you may be too tense to allow the large silicone butt plug to penetrate you. If you are able to, learn to relax more and if in doubt use a small silicone butt plug first.

The Anal Bomb when used by men can stimulate the P-Spot (also known as the walnut shaped gland men have called the Prostate Gland).

If sufficient stimulation of the P-Spot is achieved then a powerful male orgasm can ensue.

N.B Milking of the prostate via anal stimulation is known to give extreme pleasure, reaping benefits mentally and psychologically and also be a great way to unwind.

Anal Bomb has a vacuum hole so this adult toy could potentially be used with a compatible sex machine or fucking machine. In addition, this sex toy could also be used with a compatible harness of the kind we stock here

If you require any further information regarding the use of butt plugs, anal penetration or anal stretchers then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

John Thomas Toys offer only the finest quality sex toys and adult toys all made from body safe platinum silicone. All goods are dispatched the same working day we receive your order from within the UK. N.B Cut off times apply – please refer to Terms and Conditions for further details.

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