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If you love John Thomas Toys fabulous range of platinum silicone dildos you are likely to be interested to know that there are other adult toys and sex aids available to enhance your sex lives.

If you are interested in Puppy Fetish then as we have previously mentioned there are butt plugs which double as tails. Indeed, John Thomas Toys have their own design called ‘Good Boy’ platinum silicone butt plugs. If puppy fetish is not your favoured field however, if you shop around you will see there are adult toys in the form of butt p lugs with tails for other animals.

Pretty much any animal you can think of has had a sex toy in the form of an anal butt plug produced. Examples of well loved ones include; fox tails, ponies, rabbits and pigs. Butt plugs with animal tails are a really fun adult toy which can spice up your love making with your partner purely from the aesthetic point of view but also because they can facilitate anal penetration. Using a butt plug sex toy primes and relaxes your anal muscles so when the time comes for anal intercourse the plug can be removed and it is much easier to enter the anus with the penis or large silicone dildo. Always remember to use lubricant though as the anus cannot produce it’s own unlike the vagina.

Many of the extensive range from John Thomas Toys have been specifically and painstakingly created for the anal toy lover. In particular, there is an emphasis on male anal adult toy lovers. This is apparent in there high suitability in stimulating the P-Spot. The P-Spot is so called as it is named after the Prostate gland which resides in men and can be reached and massaged anally.

Aside from platinum silicone dildos or large silicone dongs, there are platinum silicone butt plugs and mighty platinum silicone anal stretchers which can all be used to target the anus. While these are all available from John Thomas Toys in 4 different sizes to suit your body and in 2 different degrees of firmness, there are other adult toys on the market which are recommended.

Many adult toy butt plugs have a built in vibrator and if you enjoy masturbation or sex play with anal toys then the vibrating function is liable to be very appealing. Indeed, male sex toys often incorporate a vibrating tip to specifically target the prostate gland and induce orgasm.

Another example of alternative adult toys for male anal lovers are those which not only penetrate and stimulate the anus, rectum and prostate but they can double as a cock ring.

If you are not into anal penetration with sex toys such as large silicone dongs or vibrating butt plugs, then you may enjoy using an anal vibrator on the exterior around the perineum or external sphincter muscles.

Sadly at this time, John Thomas Toys do not produce adult toys for anal penetration which can be inflated. Many sex toy lovers can get a lot of enjoyment from an anal sex toy, which once inserted may be pumped up. The feeling of the toy being increased in size is highly erotic and is a great way to temporarily stretch the anus. Furthermore, aside from the erotic sensations which these adult toys produce, they also serve a secondary function whereby they facilitate penetrative anal sex with your parter.

There are a myriad of anal plugs which can be inflated so we advise you do your research before purchase of your next adult toy. We at John Thomas Toys believe sex toys need to be safe, durable and effective hence we only ever handcraft them from medical grade platinum silicone.

Another range of adult toys which are great for anal play are anal beads. Anal beads are an effective sex toy because they are easily incorporated into the anus and usually are of increasing size of bead the further they are used to penetrate.

Platinum silicone anal beads would be the ideal material and these sex toys feel great as they slide in and out of your anus (use plenty of toy friendly lubricant). If you are interested in anal beads as your sex toy companion then you will be interested to know that aside from ‘static’ beads, there are also those that vibrate so you can really hit your own favoured spot with a powerful wave of vibration.

Using anal sex toys is a great way for men and women to explore this area. Before you engage in any form of anal play with adult toys or indeed penetrative anal sex it is always advisable to follow a few basic steps:

Empty the bowels and clean the area thoroughly. In the next article we will look at adult toy sex aids which can be employed to achieve a perfectly clean anus prior to play.

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