Anal Gaping Fetish

Not all sexual fetishes are quite as unsubtle as this next one which we are going to look at!

There are lots of sex toy loving adults who love to cross dress or are even partial to masturbating not with a large silicone dong but with a humble vegetable!

Today however we are looking at a sexual fetish which is surely not for everyone and not for the feint hearted.

Today we are looking at those who have a fetish for anal gaping.

In case you are not familiar with the term, anal gaping is when a person’s anus and in particular their sphincter muscles have been stretched to such an extent that temporarily their anus is showing an open hole or gape.

If you are an anal gaping fetishist, then you are liable to be highly aroused when your anus is extremely stretched open. Alternatively, it may be that you are just aroused by the aesthetic created when the anus is left exposed so you can see inside your partners back passage!

There are various ways in which the anus can be stretched to achieve suitable anal gape to appease the sex toy lover of this fetish.

There are also various reasons why perhaps the sex toy or adult toy lover is drawn to get in to it in the first place.

Platinum silicone dongs are a great way to get into anal play either alone or with your sexual partner. The anus cannot self lubricate so it is imperative that you use lots of sexual lubricant when you penetrate it with a sex toy or even your partner’s penis.

Naturally the sphincter muscles around the opening of the anus are held quite taught. Therefore it will not be easy to insert a large silicone dong straight off the bat. Also, you want to build up very slowly with what you insert in the anus as you do not want to injure yourself.

There is a fine line within anal play between pleasure, discomfort and pain. If you cross into marked discomfort and pain then it is time to stop and perhaps consider a smaller toy or progressing less quickly.

John Thomas Toys have a vast range of medical grade adult toys which are great to initiate your anal gaping fetish.

Whether you opt for a platinum silicone dong or dildo is up to you, but there are other adult toys which we manufacture which you will want to consider.

Butt plugs are a great way to open you up a bit more especially if you want to have anal sex with either your male partner using his penis or female partner, if she wants to wear a strap on sex toy in an act referred to as pegging.

John Thomas Toys offer their range in 7”, 9”, 12” and 16” sizes. The extra large one’s are truly massive silicone dongs so bear that in mind before you order. They are also pretty darn heavy and for that reason possibly may not function well with your sex machine or fucking machine.

To achieve a really good anal gape the best sex toy to go for is a platinum silicone anal stretcher. John Thomas Toys have a fabulous selection of these specialised sex toys which not only feel great inside you but look out of this world.

Our anal stretchers are available in four great sizes too plus two different levels of firmness for you to choose from.

Many anal gaping enthusiasts simply love the feeling of having their anus temporarily left open to the air. The tingling nerve endings in the anus produce many erotic feelings for these sex toy lovers.

Some anal gaping fetishists love how easy it is to penetrate their sexual partner anally when they have been using one of the aforementioned sex toys or adult toys.

A final group of anal gaping fetishists simply love the look of the anus and their appreciation and arousal is limited to just observing.

If you repeatedly stretch the anus you may make permanent changes to the appearance of the outside of it – some body modification enthusiasts particularly like these effects.

If you stretch your anus remember to build up slowly and give your body plenty of down time to restore itself between sessions.

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