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Anal Stretching

JohnThomasToys pride themselves on the vast range and quality of their platinum silicone dildos.

Indeed at present JohnThomasToys boast over 33 different designs, all available in 4 different sizes.

Not only do JohnThomasToys accommodate women who wish to use our sex toys for vaginal penetration, there are also men and women who enjoy anal penetration with adult toys too.

While some customers may like to keep their anal toys down to a realistic size and shape there is an increasing demand for large silicone dildos and very large silicone dildos and as such our range comes in the 12” and 16” versions as well as the 7” and 9” ones.

JohnThomasToys The Buffalo Platinum Silicone Dongs (7”, 9”, 12” and 16” respectively)

It may well be that those who enjoy anal penetration have used our sex toys alone, with a partner or even with a fucking machine.

There may have been a progression from regular sized adult toys upwards to jumbo sized sex toys or the interest in large silicone dongs may have been long running.

If you enjoy anal play then this article will serve as brief introduction to anal stretching.

Anal stretching is essentially the process of slowly stretching the anus to facilitate the introduction of sex toys e.g. a dildo/dong or for anal sex with a partner’s penis.

There are various reasons why anal sex is practiced. Women can achieve powerful anal orgasms as the anus is full of concentrated nerve endings, for men the same applies but penetration of the anus can

also stimulate the prostate gland (which is responsible for producing seminal fluid which is present it a man’s ejaculate).

Male prostate stimulation is achieved with anal sex toys

Some heterosexual couples may practice anal sex to avoid the chance of pregnancy or if the woman is on their period. Anal sex is predominantly practiced by homosexual men although many women thoroughly enjoy it too.

Taking anal sex to the next level is where the kink of anal stretching comes in.

Anal stretching effects the rectum and anus

Anal stretching enthusiasts love the intense pleasure of a stretched anus and rectum.

To penetrate the anus the practitioner needs to part the sphincter muscle (which is a circular muscle which constricts the anus). Once inside the anus the orifice opens up into the rectum.

Stretching of the anus and rectum with sex toys produces intensely pleasurable feelings.

Anal stretching enthusiasts are already enjoying the vast range of massive platinum silicone dongs that JohnThomasToys stock. With regard to anal stretching many customers love the fantasy of using a mythological dong like the JohnThomasToys Orinoco 16” (far right image).

JohnThomasToys Orinoco Platinum Silicone Dong

In the throes of passion they can imagine some great beast having it’s way with them which sends them into orgasm.

When large and very large silicone dongs have been introduced to the anus when they are removed, temporarily a large gaping hole is produced. Although to some this may look alarming, fear not the body is generally able to restore itself provided sufficient rest periods are adhered to. This appearance of the ‘gaping hole’ is another aspect which is so appealing to anal stretching practitioners.

Other anal stretching enthusiasts may well enjoy the after effects of prolonged anal stretching.

With continued anal toy practice it is likely that the aesthetics of the anus may begin to change and those who enjoy body modification would likely be drawn to this aspect.

Regardless of your interest in anal stretching several key points are worth discussing.

Firstly ensure that the sex toy or adult toy that you are using is of a body safe material. This is why we at JohnThomasToys only produce our dildos and dongs with platinum silicone. Furthermore aside from being body safe they are far more hygienic and more easily cleaned that the alternatives on the market e.g. TPE or PVC.

If you embark on anal stretching with a silicone dildo start off SLOWLY. Do not use substances which numb the anus as you are liable to injure yourself and not realise before it is too late.

Before an anal stretching session go to the toilet to evacuate the bowels. Ideally also clean the anus with a douche or enema a few hours in advance.

Imperative in anal stretching with massive silicone dildos is lubricant and plenty of it!!

When you purchase a silicone dong with JohnThomasToys you will always receive a free 4oz tub of Boy Butter.

Boy Butter Personal Lubricant

Please remember that although anal stretching can be extremely pleasurable there are some inherent risks. Large silicone dildos can cause injury so use at your own risk.

When enjoying JohnThomasToys platinum silicone massive dildos don't ever be tempted to force the toy in and also don't use the adult toy for more than 20 minutes at a time. As you progress you will notice that your body can potentially accommodate jumbo silicone dongs but please recognise your own limitations and enjoy yourself responsibly.

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