Anorgasmia in women (inability to cum)

In this next article we are going to look at a sensitive subject which is known as Anorgasmia. Anorgasmia is a medical condition whereby a woman is unable to reach orgasm.

Although anorgasmia can effect men too, in this article we will just be looking at women.

At John Thomas Toys our fantastic range of sex toys and adult toys are a great aid if you are having difficulty reaching your climax.

First lets look at what’s known about the condition.

The cause of this condition in women have been attributed to being either to do with the woman’s body – therefore a physical cause. Alternatively it can be due to a psychological problem.

Physical problems which can effect a woman include if they are not being sexually aroused sufficiently. If they are engaging in intercourse without enough foreplay and stimulation then while it is liable (within a heterosexual couple) that the man is able to climax, that the woman is left wanting.

If the woman has any health problem then this could also play in role in preventing orgasm. Factors which can contribute to a woman’s health include their diet, whether they exercise, Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure etc. Alternatively it could be effected by their age; or hormone levels or if for example the woman has gone through the menopause.

Psychological problems which could inhibit an orgasm could be anxiety to do with their sexual performance “Am I going to please my partner?” or “Is my body sexually attractive enough”.

If a woman is preoccupied with enough worries then this is liable to inhibit her libido or her ability to ‘let go’ and allow her body to reach orgasm.

Additionally, if the woman is suffering from a mental health problem such as depression then this has been linked to anorgasmia. It may well be that as a consequence of a mental health problem the woman is taking medication which effect ability to orgasm e.g. Anti Depressant medication.

If the woman is inexperienced then this may be the potential cause of the inability to cum. The woman may not know how to reach the heights of orgasm as she has never managed it before.

Sadly some women have had upsetting experiences around sex in the past and this too may be effecting their present day experience.

Regardless of the cause of the condition there are many successful treatments which can remedy it. The best place to start with a physical cause is going to be your local doctor. Perhaps with improved diet and exercise or hormone treatment the woman may be feeling in a much better place to enjoy sex again.

Alternatively it may be that the woman would benefit from some counselling or psychotherapy to address other psychological issues.

We recommend that if something is preventing you from experiencing orgasm that you do seek medical advice as the vast majority of problems can be rectified in one way or another.

A lot of women are unable to achieve orgasm simply because their partner is not stimulating them enough. With open honest dialogue and a change in behaviours this issue can be solved.

One of the best ways to further stimulate in preparation for orgasm is the use of adult toys such as large silicone dildos.

Sex toys can be seen as a tool to arouse your partner and/or yourself prior to penetration. Indeed, many of the John Thomas Toys are particularly tailored for vaginal entry.

With the right shaped silicone dildo the woman’s G-Spot can be effortlessly targeted. A sex toy used in conjunction with clitoral stimulation is a great way to reach orgasm.

With regular use of sex toys such as the medical grade platinum silicone dongs we provide, then there is no reason why you cannot engage in what’s referred to as ‘orgasm training’. Through patient experimentation and medical advice (where necessary) you can begin to build your confidence in your ability to effortlessly reach your climax. This can then be put into practice in the bedroom with your partner.

It may be a good starting point to educate yourself on how vaginal and clitoral orgasms are produced in the body as this may help you identify the subtle sensations achieved by stimulation and how they can be enhanced.

John Thomas Toys have an amazing catalogue of small, medium and large silicone dongs which are all body safe. Our handcrafted sex toys have been designed in the UK and manufactured professionally within the USA.

We ship direct from the UK and offer a free next working day delivery service (UK only).

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