Auto-haemofetishism - Fetish for bleeding oneself

We have covered some very obscure and different sexual fetishes which some lovers of sex toys or adult toys may find interesting or perhaps amusing.

The next sexual fetish is certainly not one we could ever endorse in any way. Auto-haemofetishism is another rather off the wall sexual fetish which we shall now discuss.

Auto-haemofetishism is a sexual fetish whereby an individual gains sexual excitement, arousal and enjoyment at the fantasy or reality of making themselves bleed!

We have previously identified fetishes which involve blood. There are some adults who enjoy cutting one another perhaps while role playing that they are vampires or werewolves.

Auto-haemofetishism is similar to those fetishes although also distinct. In Auto-haemofetishism we are talking about adults who deliberately cut themselves but not while pretending to be a mythical creature. These adults do it purely because they like the feeling of cutting themselves and causing their blood to flow from the wound.

Sadly, there are many adults who cut themselves because they are suffering from mental health problems such as depression. In Auto-haemofetishism we are not talking about self harm due to emotional problems but rather self harm which causes arousal and excitement.

To all you sex toy lovers of large silicone dongs out there we urge you not to try Auto-haemofetishism.

Auto-haemofetishism enthusiasts – for some reason – enjoy cutting themselves. They report that they like the feeling of blood trickling down their skin. They are also liable to like the look and feel of blood and have stated that they like the way blood coagulates and clots and sticks to their bodies.

Some Auto-haemofetishism followers like to have sex with their partner while they are bleeding. This is itself is an unwise behaviour as you both are at risk of serious injury or illness.

Some Auto-haemofetishism enthusiasts like to consume their own blood or share it with their partner.

Cutting your own body and causing it to bleed is liable to result in the body producing its own painkilling chemicals which may give the individual a high which they then incorporate as a sexual expression.

Cutting your own body as a sexual fetish could cause you to strike a major blood vessel and cause yourself to bleed out.

It would be far better that if you need to indulge you attraction to blood, that you obtain some artificial blood and then use it in conjunction with your sex toys or adult toys either alone or with your sexual partner.

While those that cut themselves because they need to bleed to feel arousal may enjoy what they are doing, they are playing a very dangerous game and damaging their bodies.

Perhaps it would be wiser for them to speak to a sexual therapist to help establish a more healthy sexual expression with their partner or perhaps they could use a platinum silicone dong with a sex machine or fucking machine.

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