Autogynephilia – fetish for male seeing self as female

We are truly looking at some weird and wonderful sexual fetishes which lovers of sex toys or adult toys will likely find amusing.

We have covered many areas of sexual fetishes including people with a foot fetish or those that love to get covered in slime or gunge!

Today we are looking at another sexual fetish which is just for men!

Autogynephilia is a sexual fetish that men can have when they are sexually aroused at the image or fantasy of seeing themselves as female.

Within this unique sexual fetish some adult toy loving men may fantasise about having breasts or a vagina. Some autogynephiliacs are happy being heterosexual men but purely wish they could step out of their reality and perhaps temporarily adopt some female characteristics!

Autogynephiliacs may photoshop naked pictures of themselves with breasts or without their penis. It is not that they wish to be female per se but rather they wish to be able to erotically caress their erogenous zones if they were able to swap to being female!

Some men who love adult toys such as platinum silicone dongs or jumbo silicone dildos may long to have a pair of breasts which they could fondle and play with upon their own body! This is a little difficult to fathom as far as fetishes go but we shall proceed!

Some men with this fetish may actively “hide” their penis by tucking it up in-between their legs and possibly adhering it so it cannot come back down. Men who enjoy this fetish very much like the aesthetic they can create of their body (with their face) with their penis obscured and their pubic region resembling that of a naked woman!

Indeed, some autogynephiliacs may enjoy inserting sex toys or adult toys anally while they have ‘hidden’ their penis away. They can then fantasise that they have a vagina and are touching other parts of their “female” genitals such as their imagined clitoris.

In extreme cases there have been incidences where heterosexual men who do not otherwise wish to transition into being a woman, have had temporary breast implants. They do this purely so they can then watch themselves playing with their breasts while masturbating their penis – perhaps while using a sex toy or adult toy like a male masturbator.

Some men who enjoy this fetish may not want to go to such extreme lengths and instead may wear a bra with padding to give the illusion of having breasts. In a crossover with other fetishes such as Transvestitism, some autogynephiliacs may wear women's underwear to further their fantasy that they are temporarily a woman.

It is speculated that there are some men who are attracted to autogynephiliacs and this is possibly because they are not comfortable accepting that they are sexually attracted to other men (homosexual) and see this expression as being OK. In their minds they are being with a woman (albeit a man who may look like a bit like one).

Some heterosexual women like to see their male partner pretending to be female too. It may be that when they are masturbating with their large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo they like to fantasise that their male parter is actually a woman.

If their male partner dresses up as woman then they can fulfil their lesbian fantasy without actually being with a woman.

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