Autozoophilia - The image of one's self in the form of an animal

We have looked at many a weird and wonderful sexual fetishes over the last few weeks. Some of these sexual fetishes may appeal to lovers of sex toys or adult toys. On the other hand some of the fetishes which we have discussed are simply put rather disgusting and there is unlikely to be many people drawn to them.

As the writer of this blog for John Thomas Toys my only feeling towards sexual fetishes is they must be legal and must not harm a non-consenting third party.

If an adult wishes to cover himself in jam, marmalade, whipped cream, baked beans or even urine then it is there right to do so!

We resume today looking at a sexual fetish known as Autozoophilia. For those of us not familiar with this term it essentially refers to when adults role play at being animals for a sexual kick.

We have touched upon before the popular role play which some lovers of adult toys like large silicone dongs like to partake in. This is known as Puppy Fetish and involves adults dressing up and acting like dogs. It may be that one person in the relationship plays the role of the dog and the other person acts as their owner. Through various tasks such as walking their puppy, toilet training and telling their puppy off for naughty behviour both partners are able to gain sexual arousal.

If we extrapolate somewhat from the limits of Puppy Fetish then there is the broader umbrella term of Autozoophilia whereby the sky is the limit in regard to what animal or animals you and your partner choose to dress up as.

Autozoophiles are liable to play with their adult toys such as massive silicone dongs when they are in character. Sex toys like massive silicone dildos can also serve as a prop within this fetish.

If you are curious to get involved with this fetish you might like to know that some adults role play as cats or kittens. Cat tail platinum silicone butt plugs or other equivalent sex toys may be used. Alternatively cat or kitten face masks (possibly made out of leather) are liable to be worn.

To enable a sex toy loving autozoophile to get even more immersed into character they may even use a cat litter tray to go to the toilet in – amusing the couple are drawn to what is sometimes referred to as toilet play.

Similarly to how Puppy Fetish unfolds, a naughty kitten who misses the litter tray (accidentally on purpose) is liable to receive a telling off or other equivalent scolding. It may be that they are punished – for this a sex machine or fucking machine with a platinum silicone dong attached may be just the right pieces of equipment.

Cat and dog role playing are quite common within this sexual fetish, however, there are also other quite popular animals which people like to pretend to be in order to facilitate their sexual response either alone with a sex toy or with their partner.

Many followers of this particular fetish enjoy role playing as horses or ponies – again these animals lend their equipment quite nicely to bondage play e.g. a horses harness with the bit and leather straps and leads. Plus of course we mustn’t forget the whip which is a great accessory of which lovers of BDSM like to use.

A final animal which we will identify within this fetish is the cow. Yes the good old bovine appreciation club love nothing more than pretending to be cows. It may be that the woman takes on this role (for obvious reasons) and her partner proceeds to milk her breasts while pleasing her with a huge silicone dong or other sex toy such as a vibrator.

Animal fetishes seem like a fun expression of sexuality within which you and your partner can escape the seriousness of life and bills and let your hair down. Using sex toys or adult toys in conjunction with your animal play can only serve to enhance the experience.

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