Bathroom Control

Continuing our look at the weird and wonderful kinks and fetishes, we are looking today at bathroom control.

Some adult toy lovers who use large silicone dongs or massive silicone dildos in conjunction with their BDSM role play partake in something called bathroom control. This phenomenon is also referred to as bathroom denial.

As you can imagine this practice is do with when a person is allowed to go the toilet to urinate or defecate.

BDSM is a sexual role play whereby the dominant partner assumes all the power in the relationship and through a series of behaviors is able to punish and humiliate their submissive partner. While more commonly, sex toy lovers engaging in BDSM are liable to punish their partner sexually through teasing of the genitals or cock and ball torture; in bathroom denial they are set to experience humiliation and loss of control over a very basic human need of relieving oneself by going to the toilet.

Essentially therefore, the dominant partner will not allow their sub to go to the toilet when they want to. Obviously this is a very controlling measure being employed and is likely to be very degrading. But that is exactly the point. The dominant partner wants their sub to surrender to their will and literally do whatever they are told.

Failure to comply with bathroom denial will evoke a strong punishment response which may or may not be what the submissive partner wants to achieve!

It is important that before you and your adult toy loving partner engage in BDSM role play that you establish some safe guidelines in case things were to inadvertently get out of hand. Indeed some couples have a ‘safe word’ which allows them to break character because things may have gotten to intense.

If you like using bathroom control with your sex toy partner then it is advisable that you are sensible with your restrictions. This is because as humans we are not designed to hold on to our waste products for prolonged periods of time and therefore there is the possibility of infection or illness being caused if you take this role play too far.

Therefore if you practice this form of BDSM do so responsibly.

If your partner does have an accident, then a great way to punish your “incontinent” sub is with a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo. If these sex toys are being used anally then remember lots of suitable personal lubricant is essential.

John Thomas Toys all have a vacuum hole rendering them theoretically compatible with all vac-u-lock harnesses and sex machines. The only thing limiting their use is whether they are too big and too heavy as some of our adult toys are massive silicone dongs.

Indeed, the use of a large silicone dong with a low spec sex machine could potentially damage the motor and invalidate your warranty. Please check our specifications which is provided on every sex toy we offer any pay particular attention to width and weight.

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