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In this article we are going to have a little delve into the phenomenon of adult spanking. We are going to look at what it is and why people partake in it.

It is liable that as children some of us were indeed disciplined by parents using the form of physical punishment which is now banned that involved smacking and spanking a child's bottom.

Most of us that are old enough to have experienced this probably didn't particularly enjoy it and it acted as a sufficient deterrent not to repeat our behavior.

However into adulthood there are many people who find it highly sexually arousing to be spanked by another person, or by a spanking machine.

Erotic Spanking is the term used when an adult is being spanked for pleasure and many of our John Thomas Toys customers not only enjoy being spanked but also enjoy using our platinum silicone dildos and dongs to perpetuate their pleasure further.

Spanking is generally carried out on the naked buttocks of an individual also known as the derriere.

The person receiving the spanking is seen as the submissive partner whereas the spanker is the Dominant force. The Submissive and Dominant role play is characterised within BDSM practices.

Often spanking and the discipline associated with receiving it is viewed very positively by the recipient. It may be that spanking is all they like to do sexually either with a partner or alone with a machine. More likely, the spanking acts a precursor for some form of penetration culminating in orgasm for one or both parties.

In it’s simplest form spanking can be achieved by using your hand although practitioners are more likely to use a spank paddle.

The spanking connoisseur may take spanking to the next level and use spanking paddles with spikes on them or they may use whips. Indeed while may people who enjoy a good spank may like nothing more than achieving rosy bum cheeks which are a bit sore, others want hardcore pain with blood and scarring!

Spanking is known as a sexual fetish and has been made more popular by mainstream books and films released in the last 10 years.

If you enjoy nothing more than a good spanking session with your partner then you obviously have got a very healthy interest in sex. Therefore, if you have not already looked into purchasing sex toys or adult toys we strongly urge you to!

John Thomas Toys have a fabulous range of over 50 different platinum silicone dongs and dildos. Each one has been handcrafted and produced in the finest medical grade platinum silicone.

Here at John Thomas Toys we only ever use the finest materials for our dongs because we want you to love them but just as imperatively, we want them to last and in particular we want them to be safe for your body.

Cheaper materials such as TPE, Latex, PVC etc all have their downfalls but have still traditionally been used for adult toys within the industry. Minor disadvantages may be the elaborate cleaning needed to maintain your toy or the likelihood that they will perish over time. Serious disadvantages have been apparent too and some of your sweet and innocent sex toys may actually pose a threat to your health.

Indeed scarily enough sex toys (while largely unregulated by governing bodies) have been known to contain for example pthalates which have been linked with cancer.

Using platinum silicone eliminates all overriding health issues of the cheaper sex toys. Indeed the medical grade platinum silicone we use is body safe, highly durable, stain resistant, able to be sterilized and hypoallergenic.

John Thomas Toys are so confident in our product that we offer a 365 day quibble free return policy on all our new sex toys including large silicone dongs and massive silicone dildos.

Please browse our entire range so when you have finished spanking your partner you can move on to the next course and bring out the platinum silicone toys guaranteed to pleasure you every orifice.

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