Boy Butter

In this article we are going to look at Boy Butter personal lubricant.

With every purchase of a sex toy or adult toy from John Thomas Toys you will receive a complimentary 4oz tub of Boy Butter and here we want to tell you why it is such a great product especially when used with a large silicone dong.

Although many of our sex toys are used for vaginal penetration most are also perfect for anal penetration. While the vagina does self lubricate it is still important and necessary on occasions to add some additional lubricant to prevent discomfort. Lubricant is especially important when women are using large silicone dongs. In addition some women naturally suffer form vaginal dryness.

The anus does not self lubricate so lubricant is always recommended. If you enjoy anal stretching with jumbo silicone dildos then you are liable to need a lot of lubricant as you try to accommodate the whole 16” sex toy.

The main types of personal lubricant which can be used in conjunction with sex toys are water based, silicone based and oil based.

Water based lubricants are great in most situations but they are liable to have to be re-applied often and do not last that long. Silicone based lubricants are luxurious; smooth, long lasting and hypoallergenic. On the downside however, they are liable to degrade the surface of your large silicone dong over time so are not ideal, as then bacteria can grow in your toy making it unhygienic. N.B They can also mark bedding. Oil based lubricants are not recommended with the use of condoms and are even more likely to stain bed sheets and clothes.

Boy Butter was launched in 2003 and their aim was to produce a lubricant which was long lasting like silicone, but would not produce as they call it a ‘shame stain’ associated with oil and silicone based lubricants.

Boy Butter use organic ingredients in their responsibly made lubricants from natural vegan products.

The Boy Butter you will receive with your jumbo silicone dildo is the Boy Butter Original formula. It is made using coconut oil. Boy Butter lubricant is not only long lasting and allergy free, but also safe for men and women to use and is stain free. Boy Butter can even be washed away with just water!

Boy Butter also produce a variety called Boy Butter H20 which as the name suggests is water based and therefore fine to use with latex condoms. This lubricant is a made from water and vitamin E and remains slick and non-sticky. Furthermore, it is also washable, stain free, non-toxic and even edible!

If you are interested in Boy Butter lubricants please visit our selection here:

Boy Butter also produce desensitizing lubricants to help those who experience discomfort during sex. It is very important that you do not use these products with jumbo or massive silicone dongs associated with anal stretching. If you have numbed an area using the local anaesthetic which they contain then you are liable to cause yourself an injury without even knowing.

If you would like to receive more information regarding using personal lubricant with our sex toys then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

John Thomas Toys shrink wrap all our large silicone dongs prior to shipping and place in a faux velvet bag. They are then packed in a strong double walled cardboard box along with the complimentary Boy Butter tub.

Within the UK we offer a free next working day delivery service on all our adult toys. Prices vary depending on where you are in the World. Please see our website for further details.

In the interests of discretion rest assured that you will only be billed in the name JJD Holdings and all packages are plain with no indication of what they contain. Within the UK there is nothing on the courier label to state where it has come from. Parcel Force deliver in the UK and cannot deliver to anyone other than the person who placed the order. This is due to the sensitive nature of the goods contained.

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