Brazilian Waxing

Because many of our customers who enjoy sex toys and adult toys such as platinum silicone dongs (or large silicone dildos) are women, in this article today we are looking at an intimate area of body waxing which you may or may be familiar with.

We are looking today specifically at Brazilian Waxing but first lets address what waxing actually is for those of us that are not au fait on the matter.

Waxing in regard to women’s genitals and anal area is the process of removing pubic hair from these regions.

Most commonly a special wax is heated until runny and then applied to the area in question. The role of the wax is to stick to all the hairs which are desired to be removed. Through the application of a strip of cloth the wax is subsequently removed in a fast action which takes with it the body hair leaving a smooth and clean finish.

Women began being interested in having intimate parts of their bodies hair free as they chose to display more of it as a consequence of the clothing or swim wear which was fashionable.

While traditionally women had actively sought to remove unwanted hair from their legs and underarm, this new focus became on the pelvic regions.

Motivation of sex toy lovers to be hair free in more areas of their body came from many sources. Some just desired to be more hygienic, clean and smelling more attractive. Others would be drawn to do it as they felt their current body hair was unkempt and embarrassing should anyone else see it – such as their sex toy loving partner.

Some women remove intimate body hair as a consequence of their beliefs in order to honour God. Alternatively, they may be forced to by the culture in order to fit in.

Regardless of what motivates a woman to remove hair from her genital and anal area, the fact remains that there is a high demand for it, especially in Western countries.

While there are those women who opt to have all of their pubic hair removed (possibly to please their adult toy loving spouse) within a Brazilian wax there tends to remain a thin line of hair on their pubic mound on the pubic bone.

For many women with this waxing design their choices are often considered fashionable and highly erotic for their sex toy enthusiast partner. In popular culture the Brazilian waxing strip which remains is referred to as ‘runway’ or ‘landing strip’.

Having hair removed by waxing can be very painful so before you embark on it make sure you are aware of that as the skin around the genitals is especially sensitive.

Also within a Brazilian wax, hair is removed from the anus, perineum and other vaginal areas.

If you like the look of a Brazilian wax when you are being intimate with your partner or masturbating alone with a platinum silicone dong or huge silicone dildo, then please ensure you go somewhere reputable to get it done.

If it is not done correctly you are potentially putting yourself at risk of infection which will put a serious stop to your sexual activities for a while. As a consequence your large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo will have to stay in the drawer until you feel better!

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