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Chastity Fetish

Within the realms of BDSM there is a wide scope of behaviours which sex toy lovers could engage in.

As we have discovered, BDSM is all about the control of the dominant partner over their submissive partner. There are many ways which these adult toy advocates can engage their role play. One simple way is restraining using handcuffs or ropes and tying your partner to the bed for example.

Another example would be forcing your submissive partner to walk around on all fours whilst wearing a lead and collar in a very humiliating act whereby you are in effect treating them on a par with an animal.

Some more extreme BDSM sex toy practitioners may buy expensive bondage benches which are specifically designed to restrain your partner by arms, legs, head, feet etc. Furthermore, they are liable to use extreme sex toys such as fucking machines to anally or vaginally penetrate their partner.

Some BDSM adult toy lovers use a practice known as bathroom denial where they prevent their submissive from independently going to the toilet.

Some BDSM sex toy lovers also practice their role play 24/7 meaning there is no break where they can return to normal roles although this does run the risk of effecting a person psychologically so is not recommended.

Aside from controlling when their partner can go to the toilet, there is also the fetish to do with chastity.

In effect, the dominant prevents their ‘sub’ from self pleasure or from engaging in sexual activity with anybody else other that with them and only when they deem it acceptable.

One way in which adult toy lovers act out this fetish is by making their partner wear a device or ‘chastity belt’ which prevents them touching themselves.

Indeed, it may that the dominant partner is the only person who can remove the chastity belt and they perhaps have a key. This in effect is another very powerful means of control and one which adult toy lovers of large silicone dongs and jumbo silicone dildos may find interesting.

Belts which prevent sexual activity may be worn by men or women for the duration of their sex session or potentially for longer periods of time. It may be that if the dominant partner teases their submissive such as by masturbating themselves with a platinum silicone dildo this then arouses their sub, who is not allowed to touch themselves thus rendering them frustrated and humiliated.

After a period of intense teasing and humiliation and if the sub has behaved sufficiently well in accordance to their dominant partners requests, then the belt may be temporarily removed and they themselves may receive some sexual relief from a sex toy such as large silicone dildo or jumbo silicone dong.

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