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Updated: May 13, 2020

As we roll into December, in this article we are just going to highlight a few standout products from our innovative collection of platinum silicone dongs and large silicone dildos.

We pride ourselves on our originality and know that many of our products are going to inspire and shock you. Rest assured that they are all made of body safe platinum silicone which is totally hypoallergenic. Furthermore, the beauty of this responsibly sourced material, is that it is non-porous, highly durable, difficult to tear and simple to clean.

You can even pop it into boiling water in-between uses so you know it will be clean for next time.

The first standout sex toy from the current John Thomas Range is the Sampson platinum silicone dildo.

When you look at this beast of dildo, you will immediately be impressed by the colouring effect which we have achieved. The technique employed with this sex toy is one which involves a methodical hand pouring system. We have introduced glorious black, pink and gold pigments into the mix to great effect. What particularly appeals to me about this method, is that you can be sure that if you order this adult toy there will no other one which has ever been made which is quite the same!

The Sampson platinum silicone dong is a very muscular looking adult toy which has a divine curvature to the shaft perfect for anal or vaginal penetration. Aside from the amazing aesthetics of this popular adult toy, there is another attribute it holds.

Although it is not apparent to the untrained eye, the Samson platinum silicone dildo has a hidden chamber inside it whereby fluid can be introduced using the syringe and tubing system which comes with every sex toy.

The concept incorporates a means for the user to spray for example a warm water or flavoured liquid into the syringe which they can choose to dispense from the tip of the platinum silicone dildo when they are reaching their own sexual peak. In effect, the release of the fluid replicates a similar sensation as if they were being penetrated by a man’s penis which has just begun to ejaculate.

The Snake platinum silicone dildo is another example of a sex toy which is peerless. This is another fusion made adult toy and just like the Sampson your toy will be unique just to you.

Because John Thomas Toys use a single copper mold when they cast these toys there is not only no unsightly join line, but also a transmission of incredible detail. The head of this snake was actually designed in conjunction with state of the art 3D computer technology and a real snakes head. The end result is quite a majestic product. Certainly one which any one you show will be very taken aback by. The days of a boring dong or plain beige dildo are well and truly over. Now you can express your sexual desires using an array of weird and wonderful choices.

If you enjoy anal stretching or are considering trying it, then a wonderful introductory product to consider is the Dino Slug.

Yes once again you will see it is a fusion of colour just like the other picks but it is difficult not to ignore these sex toys because they are not only so unusual but they look so striking.

Dino Slug comes in four different sizes (as do all John Thomas Toys platinum silicone dildos and dongs). The smallest size is a nice 4.5” which means you can start here if this is your first experience. The veteran anal stretchers may like to consider the 11” extra large version!

Anal stretching requires lots of lube and lots of patience. Your body needs plenty of down time and an opportunity to recover in between sessions. We do not recommend you leave an anal stretcher in for longer than half an hour at a time.

Using any sex toy for anal play it is natural that you are going to want to give it a comprehensive clean in between usages. Like all our medical grade platinum silicone sex toys, Dino Slug can be sterilized in boiling water although you may want to give a quick wash first in hot soapy water if there is any dirt on it.

Why not purchase a platinum silicone dong, butt plug or anal stretcher for yourself or your partner this Christmas? You even get a free large suction cup plug and attractive storage bag.

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