CONKA Platinum Silicone Butt Plug

Now this surely is a challenging butt plug sex toy which John Thomas Toys has just unleashed on all anal lovers out there!

Introducing the Conka a medical grade platinum silicone butt plug for him or her. The Conka is not recommend for beginners to anal play and has the potential to really make your eyes water!

The Conka adult toy has been touted as a butt plug to top all others and you’ve reason to pat yourself on the back if you can accommodate this past your sphincter muscle!

The Conka was designed in the United Kingdom using cutting edge 3D computer software. Once the design had been perfected, our technical team produced a plastic version of the silicone butt plug using high-tech 3D printers. The next step was to cast copper molds for which the finest grade platinum silicone could be hand poured.

Although the design side of production of our large silicone butt plugs happens in the UK, the real manufacturing goes on in the USA. This is because the USA have more sophisticated processing facilities and outsourcing means a higher quality finished product with savings we can pass on to the you - the consumer.

Unlike many of our competitors we only ever use medical grade platinum silicone as the material for our sex toys and adult toys. Indeed, many other companies use materials such as TPE, PVC and Latex. These materials albeit cheaper carry with them numerous disadvantages. The main disadvantage with compared to TPE and PVC is that many of these sex toys contain Phthalates which are a harmful chemical used to soften plastics.

All John Thomas Toys are naturally phthalate free. Furthermore, our sex toys are hypoallergenic so there is no danger or suffering an allergic reaction. N.B 10% of Latex sex toy users are reported to be allergic to Latex.

Cheaper sex toy materials are also often porous which means dirt and bacteria can become absorbed and therefore there is a risk of transmission of STI’s if for example the sex toy is shared with someone else. N.B this risk remains even if the aforementioned sex toy had been cleaned appropriately.

With our platinum silicone sex toys you can sterilize them in boiling water. As our adult toys are non-porous once sterilized you can be confident that they are totally clean and could if needs be, be shared with a partner. We do not recommend sharing sex toys but it is at user discretion.

Our sex toys and adult toys can also be cleaned with hot soapy water or by simply placing in the dishwasher.

The Conka Butt plug comes available in 4 different sizes. The sizes are 7” (small), 9” (medium), 12” (large) and 16” (extra large).

The 12” and 16” versions are really quite massive silicone dongs and may not be suitable for your needs as are also liable to be very heavy!

The Conka derives it’s name from it’s uncanny resemblance to the prickly exterior of the well loved Horse Chestnuts which frequent those trees in the Autumn.

If you are after a prickly challenge then this large silicone butt plug may be just what you are looking for. The anus does not self lubricant so anal sex/anal play always requires lots of lube. Fortunately with the Conka silicone butt plug you will receive a free tub of Boy Butter lubricant.

Boy Butter does not stain the sheets and is washable with water but lasts like silicone and will not degrade your sex toy.

If you run out of your Boy Butter please peruse our full range here:

If you are starting out with anal play we recommend ideally going for a smoother more basic anal butt plug first! A good example would be the Ripper.

If you are experienced at anal play and ready to go for the Conka then remember to always start of slowly e.g. the 7” version. Over time you can build up through the range up to the 16” version which is a massive silicone butt plug – not for the feint hearted either!

The Conka will be shipped direct from the UK and will receive free next working day delivery in the UK too.

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