Dildophilia - Fetish for platinum silicone dongs

We have covered many strange and peculiar sexual fetishes which lovers of adult toys and sex toys might be interested to read about or might even practice themselves.

There are those sex toy lovers who enjoy urinating on their sexual partner before intercourse. There are those adult toy enthusiasts who loving nothing more than covering their partner in whipped cream from head to toe.

Yes this journey into sexual fetishes which sex toy lovers may or may not be familiar with seems rather endless!

Not all sexual fetishes need to be off the wall or inconsiderate. There are actually those adult toy lovers who are aroused by plain and simple things and there is no need to kick seven bells out of their partners testicles or bit chunks out of their neck to drink their blood!

Yes it is certainly a strange world in which we live.

Finally, today though we are talking about a sexual fetish which is easy to comprehend and fine for all adults to enjoy.

We are talking about those adults for which they require a platinum silicone dong such as a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo in order to get sexually aroused.

Platinum silicone dildos are admittedly not for everyone. Regardless of your sex or sexual orientation you may just not be interested in platinum silicone dongs. Indeed some adults are acutally afraid or intimidated at the notion of using a large silicone dong or a huge silicone dildo.

If you have never tried a sex toy or adult toy and you are presented with a 16" platinum silicone anal stretcher then you can understand why they would be potentially a little put off!

Not all platinum silicone dongs are huge silicone dongs. There are small 7" silicone dongs available too which are far less scary. If you mastubate alone and enjoy penetration of the anus or vagina (or both) then if you have not tried a platinum silicone dong then it is an experience which you are missing out on.

The beauty of John Thomas Toys platinum silicone dongs is that they can be used handheld for masturbation alone. They also have an extra layer of versatility which cannot be said for all sex toys or adult toys.

Our platinum silicone dongs can be attached to a compatible sex machine or fucking machine. All that is required is that the machine in question has a vac-u-lock adaptor attachment. The only other element worthy of consideration is to ensure that you do not chose a platinum silicone dong which is too big or too heavy as chances are it could negatively impact the mechanics of your machine, invalidate your warranty or it might simply not be able to penetrate your orifice of choice.

If the platinum silicone dong is a 7" or 9" sex toy from John Thomas Toys and your sex machine is a good quality one then you should have no issue. Just use plenty of lubricant and be prepared to disappear for a few hours of heaven sent penetration.

Some adults within sexual relationships feel uncomfortable addressing their desire to introduce a sex toy or adult. Chose a good time to speak to your partner as you may find it introduces another level of sexual enjoyment and fulfilment.

On the other hand there are those adults who are fully aware of the enjoyment a platinum silicone dong brings. Infact they are such advocates of sex toys and adult toys like platinum silicone dongs that they have reached a point where if the dildo stays in the drawer they cannot get aroused.

Yes thats right there are those adults who have a sexual fetish for platinum silicone dongs - what can we say? We know our sex toys are great and we understand.

Good job we have over 50 designs in 4 different sizes and each in 2 different levels of firmness for your delictation.


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