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Dino Slug Platinum Silicone anal Stretcher

Introducing Dino Slug.. Dino Slug originates from a far away galaxy over twenty four light years away. This primitive creature lives on Arrakis which incase you are not familiar with it, is located in the Northern Quadrant.

Dino Slugs love the heat which they migrate to and they’re found in the crevices of the lava pools which are common on the Planet.

Dino Slugs have very pronounced dino skin, riddled with veins and scales which are adept at pleasuring your anus.

Dino Slugs are particularly great for anal play, anal penetration and anal stretching. To achieve a good anal stretch you are liable to need the 12” or 16” versions which are jumbo silicone dongs.

Dino Slug is another fun filled adult toy brought to you by John Thomas Toys. We are particularly pleased with this adult toy as it truly looks amazing somewhat like a large tongue.

It’s perfect for slipping inside an awaiting crevice and exploring the territory!

Dino Slug was meticulously designed using 3D computer technology and is a stunning sex toy. Dino Slug was handcrafted using copper molds and hand poured medical grade platinum silicone.

Copper molds produce highly detailed silicone dildos and unlike our competitors that’s all we use. There are no seams on our large silicone dongs as it is just one mold.

We also use 3D printers in the manufacturing process which is carried out on our behalf in the USA. Being medical grade platinum silicone all our adult toys are body safe and hypoallergenic. You do not need to worry about allergic reactions – common with latex products. Furthermore, platinum silicone dildos are phthalate free. Phthalates which are used to soften sex toys made from TPE and PVC have potentially harmful effects on the body so we have a zero tolerance policy.

While Platinum Silicone is more expensive the result is a highly durable sex toy which is perfectly safe for the human body.

Dino Slug can be sterilized in boiling water or simply hand washed in hot soapy water. Many people place their sex toys in the dishwasher overnight for a good clean. Once clean and dry we recommend placing in a plastic air tight container to keep your large silicone dong free from dust and hair.

Dino Slug is O-Ring Compatible and also Vac-U-Lock compatible. Therefore, potentially this adult toy can easily be attached to a compatible harness or sex machine. John Thomas Toys have a range of adult harnesses here: https://www.johnthomastoys.co.uk/harnesses

If you intend to use Dino Slug with your fucking machine please check that it able to handle the weight of the sex toy you intend to use. The specifications (length, weight etc) for each adult toy can be found in the item description.

John Thomas Toys currently have over 50 different platinum silicone dildos, dong and anal stretchers.

Each one of our classic designs is available in 4 different sizes. They are small, medium, large and extra large. Furthermore, incredibly, all four sizes are also available in 2 levels of firmness. Supersoft Medium and Supersoft Firm. The majority of our customers enjoy the Supersoft Medium as it is firm but still with sufficient give in it.

If you use Dino Slug with a harness or sex machine via the vacuum hole we suggest applying corn starch to the cavity to assist application and removal of adult toy.

Dino Slug can be used vaginally if required although it’s real purpose is for anal penetration and to boldly go where no man has gone before (that may not be strictly true!).

Is anyone brave enough to tame the 16” version?

Please always remember that the anus does not self lubricate so use plenty of the Boy Butter lubricant which you will receive free with every order. The delicious coconut oil blend is long lasting and doesn’t stain.

We have 8 platinum silicone anal stretchers of which Dino Slug is only one of them. Please enjoy the full range.

Please use our anal stretchers responsibly.