Eproctophilia – FARTING fetish

One thing this look at fetishes which sex toy and adult toy enthusiasts may find enlightening is that there is truly a myriad of objects and conditions which people are sexually aroused by.

We continue today and are looking at Eproctophilia.

Incase you are not familiar with this fetish it is to do with flatulence. Flatulence is otherwise referred to as passing wind or farting or trumping or having gas.

As humans take in food, during the digestion process gases are produced which need to be expelled by the body. This release of gases is known as flatulence.

When we fart we are releasing a combination of intestinal chemicals. These include carbon dioxide, oxygen, methane and nitrogen.

Enthusiasts of this rather smelly fetish are liable to find it highly arousing if their partner for example breaks wind during lovemaking.

For some followers of this fetish it is the pleasing noises and sounds which their partner’s anus’ have managed to produce! Indeed, some are also aroused in anticipation of their partner breaking wind.

It may be that their adult toy loving partner is making lots of gurgles and stomach noises which might suggest that there is going to be a session of breaking wind in the near future!

Some followers of this fetish are sexually aroused by the pungent smells which are produced from their bowels. While I find it difficult to associate breaking wind with arousal amazingly there are those that do.

Some eproctophiliacs break wind in front of their partner as part of their foreplay behaviour. In addition to using sex toys or adult toys to tease and stimulate their partners erogenous zones, they may fart at unexpected intervals.

Some fetish enthusiasts deliberately ingest foods and drink which is liable to cause them to generate lots of flatulence. One such example is sugar free mints such as Cool Mints. Because they contain phenylalanine if consumed in large quantities there is likely to be a laxative effect. If a sex toy lover has eaten a lot of laxatives then there is likely going to be as a consequence lots of wind!

Some eproctophiliacs may break wind in front of their partner when they are out and about in public. This may act as a means to stimulate and arouse their partner for when they get home and they can engage in sex.

Other enthusiasts may deliberately break wind in confined spaces such as in a lift. They may do this to arouse themselves by disowning that it was them that did it!

Alternatively eproctophiliacs, aside from playing with their sex toys and adult toys, may actively seek out enclosed spaces in the hope that another adult may accidentally break wind.

It may be that as farting is quite a socially unacceptable behaviour that the fetishist is aroused by the liberating feeling they get from letting go of their gas at will.

Some fetishists like the sensation of their partner sitting upon their naked bodies and then forcibly breaking wind upon them.

Some theories suggest farting in front of a partner is used as a means to humiliate and punish them within roleplaying of BDSM relationships.

Indeed, farting in front of your partner and subjecting them to the unpleasant smell is liable to be on a primal level quite a dominant behaviour “i am in charge and you will inhale my gas!”.

For those that choose to incorporate breaking wind in to the bedroom in conjunction with their large silicone dongs or huge silicone dildos our advice is always keep a few windows open! Furthermore, do not use any naked flames as farts are flammable.

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