We are still looking at weird and wonderful sexual fetishes which some adult toy lovers may be interested in.

Today we are looking at a phenomenon known as facesitting!

Facesitting is essentially as one might imagine, a sexually orientated behaviour whereby one person sits on the other person’s face.

There are variations within facesitting which we shall discuss later on which may appeal to lovers of platinum silicone dildos or massive silicone dongs.

If you are facesitting, then what it is called depends on your sex. If a man face-sits another man or woman then this is known as kinging. If a woman face-sits another man or woman then this is referred to as queening.

Some sex toy lovers actively face-sit with their partners. Facesitting your adult toy loving partner is a strong powerful sexual message which you are communicating to them.

It may be that you choose to face-sit your partner while you are fully clothed. Often layers of clothing are able to illicit just as strong (if not stronger) a sense of arousal as if the person had been naked.

Facesitting while to some degree clothed, is liable to leave more to your partner’s imagination. This may only be initially until you perhaps choose to remove a layer or two!

If you face-sit your partner when clothed it may be that you are asserting your sexual dominance. It may be that you are non-verbally saying “give me oral sex now”. Alternatively it may be that you are doing it as a means to excite your partner and prepare them for sex later. You could potentially face sit your partner and then proceed to get out your favourite large silicone dildo or huge silicone dong as a further means to tease them!

Some men and women (who may or may not enjoy adult toys) sometimes face-sit their partners. Facesitting could potentially initiate the sitter receiving oral sex from the recipient.

Furthermore, if your sexual partner is naked and sits upon your face, then there is arguably little doubt as to what he/she is suggesting that they require from you.

Facesitting by a woman is presumably saying I want to receive cunnilingus – I want you to lick and kiss my vagina and clitoris. A man facesitting is liable to be saying I want to receive fellatio or a blow job. Alternatively either sex may be trying to initiate oral sex of their anus with or without masturbation of their genitals!

If you enjoy BDSM role play whereby you gain sexual arousal from one of you being the dominant partner and one of you being the submissive one then facesitting may be an element of your sexual play.

Many BDSM enthusiasts also employ the use of platinum silicone dongs and other adult toys including restraints and other bondage equipment.

A BDSM dominant may force oral sex upon their submissive ‘slave’ by facesitting thereby demanding stimulation of their genitals or anus.

In addition, facesitting is quite a convenient sexual position for the couple as it facilitates one partner to give the oral stimulation (which they are liable to equally enjoy) plus it leaves them free to stimulate other erogenous areas of their partner’s body with their two free hands!

Another variation within facesitting can be to do with which way round the sitter squats down.

In a regular loving relationship it would be more expected that the person sitting would be facing their partner so they could have eye contact to enhance the connection between them.

Within a BDSM relationship, it may be that further dominance and power is exerted by preventing the submissive having any eye contact at all by the sitter being the opposite way round.

N.B It may be that the dominant partner facesits their slave demanding oral gratification. Alternatively it may be the slave that facesits at their master’s permission, but must face away from them. Sitting in an opposite direction could make the submissive partner feel a sense of humiliation in that they are not allowed to see their master, or it could enable them to be tortured or teased more effectively.

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