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Because adult toy lovers who love to use large silicone dildos or jumbo silicone dongs are open to other great ways to enhance their sex lives, in this article we are going to explore some more accessories.

The first range of products are known as Pumping Gear.

As the name suggests, we are looking at various body pumps which can be used to great effect.

The first one is an old favourite and is known as the Penis Pump. The Penis Pump has various benefits of which we will identify today. But first what is a Penis Pump?

A Penis Pump is a manual or electrical device which is designed to increase the size of a man’s penis or to help them achieve an erection. If the man is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction then a satisfactory erection can be achieved which they can then potentially go on to use with their partner or for masturbatory purposes.

In addition a Penis Pump is liable to be beneficial to men afflicted with the condition known as Premature Ejaculation whereby they reach orgasm too quickly due to over stimulation.

Some adult toy lovers do in fact suffer from these conditions so the benefits of the Penis Pump are quite relevant.

As a sex toy or sex aid, the Penis Pump is generally a cylinder for the penis to go inside plus a pump to remove the air out of the chamber and create a vacuum upon the penis to stimulate blood flow.

Usually there is some sort of band or rubber ring employed to go round the base of the penis so once established, the erection can be used for intercourse with a partner.

In addition to helping you to achieve and sustain an erection, research has suggested that the prolonged use of this sex toy can give you a permanently increased penis size which is great news if you are insecure about the size of your penis.

If you do not wish to use a Penis Pump for your erectile dysfunction, but wish to please your partner, another suggestion would be to invest in a platinum silicone dildo or dong which can then be used in conjunction with a harness. Provided the harness is vac-u-lock compatible then there should not be any problems although we do not advise you go for one of our massive silicone dongs or huge silicone dildos as it may be uncomfortable to wear and the sheer size and girth will likely be too much for your partner to accommodate.

As noted above, Penis Pumps have also been shown to help with premature ejaculation which is great news for both you and your partner potentially. Indeed, this condition is known to cause a lot of guilt and anxiety and shame in those afflicted as well as sexual frustration on the part of partners who do not feel sexually fulfilled as a consequence.

Similarly to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation sufferers may also benefit from using a platinum silicone dildo with a harness. By wearing and using one of these sex toys you can penetrate your partner and bring them to the verge of orgasm. At this point the sex toy can be removed and you can penetrate naturally with your penis. If you then times things right you will both be able to enjoy a mutual climax without and fear of disappointing your partner.

Some men use Penis Pumps purely for pleasure purposes and have found that their use as a sex toy is great for a masturbatory aid.

If as a man you suffer from having a severe curvature of the penis, then this is known as Peyronies disease and is an embarrassing condition. Employment of a Penis Pump is also recommended as a potential treatment of this condition although it is advised that you speak to a doctor first.

If you do have this condition, you may find it difficult to have comfortable intercourse with your partner and may benefit also from the use of platinum silicone dildos used with harnesses or simply handheld, to pleasure your lover.

In tomorrow’s article we will continue in the range of body pumps used by fetishists and we will be looking at breast pumps and nipple pumps. Until then, happy pumping!

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