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In today’s article we are picking up where we left off yesterday and looking at fetish equipment which lovers of adult toys such as large silicone dildos or huge silicone dongs are liable to be interested in.

Initially we are looking at nipple pumps. As the name suggests, these are vacuum pumps for the nipples. Because the nipples are such a sensitive area by attaching a pump to them they can be made even more pleasurable. The vacuum temporarily enlarges the nipples as the blood is drawn to the area. So therefore you are left with nipples which look bigger but also feel much more responsive.

Nipple pumps could be used in preparation to penetration as a means to stimulate your self and your partner. Once nipples are pumped your partner could then begin to penetrate you with a sex toy such as a platinum silicone dildo or you could have full penetrative sex.

There are a variety of nipple pumps available but essentially they all generate a vacuum on the nipples either by a small electric pump or a manual one. Nipple pumps can be used on other parts of the body such as to soothe aching muscles. Alternatively they could be placed on the clitoris to enlarge and stimulate it prior to the use of adult toys for example.

If you are into BDSM practices then it may be that you want to apply nipples pumps to your slave and use them as a means of punishment or torture!

Breast pumps are the next piece of kit we are going to look at as they are also quite a popular adult toy.

Using a breast pump can achieve a few different results of which we will discuss now. Firstly, similarly to the nipple pumps, they can increase the look of the breasts. While the effect of enlarging is liable to be only short lived it can provide a boost to size which is long enough for the duration of your sex play with your partner possibly with a large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo.

Some women use breast pumps purely as they find it stimulating and incorporate it as part of their foreplay routine prior to intercourse. In addition, the breasts become extra sensitized and the subsequent touch of their partner can drive them wild and into orgasm easily.

As with nipple pumps there are many different adult toy manufacturers who make breast pumps and if you look around you will be able to find manual and electric versions for your convenience and pleasure.

Moving on from the breasts, there are pumps again purely for women, but this time they are tailored for the vagina and clitoris.

Clitoral pumps are a great way to engorge the clitoris with blood which will not only make it bigger it will also heighten greatly any subsequent touch it receives. After your partner has applied a clitoris pump and achieved the desired result, with some pumps you can maintain the suction effect for the duration of your sexual playtime. Alternatively once pumped you can remove the suction if you so desire.

Some clitoris pumps are sophisticated adult toys in that they not only produce a suction on the clitoris, but they can also double as an effective vibrator whereby a powerful orgasm can be induced.

If you prefer to not just focus on the clitoris then a larger pump can be used on the vagina. With the suction applied, the labia and vaginal opening is also left feeling a higher degree of sensitivity and you are perfectly primed for penetration with a large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo.

If you prefer not to use adult toys following the vaginal or clitoral vacuum pump then of course you and your partner can choose other ways to fulfill your fantasies.

Just as there were clitoral pump adult toys which vibrate, there are also those for the vagina which can perform the same tasks effectively. Essentially clitoral and vaginal pumps are a fun way to explore new sensations alone or with a partner or when used as part of your bondage play.

If you are looking at other adult toys to use in conjunction with your pumping gear then John Thomas Toys have a fabulous range which include platinum silicone dongs, platinum silicone anal stretchers and platinum silicone butt plugs.

Please contact us for further information.

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