Fetish Equipment (3)

Today we are moving away from pumping gear and instead looking at sex toy equipment which can be used for Cock and Balls play or torture!

The first adult toy which is designed for this purpose is known as a ball stretcher. Balls stretchers are a sex toy which will literally stretch your balls – so no great surprises there!

By applying a sex toy to stretch down upon your balls you are liable to find it is easier to maintain an erection, furthermore, the sensitivity in your cock and balls is also going to increase. Overtime, repeat use of ball stretcher is likely going to increase the look of your balls within the scrotum so if this is the aesthetic you are after then this sex toy is for you.

Balls stretchers work by attaching in the space between the base of the penis and the testicles. From here a weight included in the sex toy enables a downward force or ‘tug’ upon the balls. For some adult toy lovers a gentle downward force is sufficient to heighten their sex games. For others this is not enough and it is taken to the next level with ever heavier weights.

The practice of applying ball stretchers falls under the sex play known as CBT (cock and ball torture).

If you enjoy sex toys which torture the penis and testicles, then you will be pleased to know there are many others available to get your teeth into.

The next CBT sex toys are balls pressers and ball crushers! As the name implies these adult toys are serious business and therefore not for everyone! As you would imagine they involve the balls being placed inside the receptacle and then depending on the device the balls are slowly pushed into an ever decreasing space. The end result is that the balls will be restricted and squashed. If you are into CBT and BDSM then this is a great way to get your sub to obey your every command.

Aside from standard balls pressers and crushers, there are also those adult toys of the same variety with added spikes for the serious masochist. So yes essentially not only are the balls being squashed more and more with every turn of a handle, but they are being forced onto a set of protruding spikes. Who dreams these things up we will never know!

If you prefer not to torture the balls, then fear not there are plenty of sex toys which will concentrate on the shaft of the cock instead. While they may be used simply as a collar for the cock, many cock rings have the addition of moveable spikes which can potentially be wound into your poor submissive’s penis.

Depending on the level of torture you desire to inflict on yourself or your partner, there are adult toys of this nature with as few as 4 spikes or as many as 20. John Thomas Toys do not endorse any of these products and these sex toys are used at your own risk.

The next fetish equipment which we are looking at today, also being just for men, are ball slappers. Ball slappers are potentially a fun sex toy accessory to use either on your own or with a partner. If you enjoy having your balls slapped or spanked then this sex toy is for you. Many ball slappers on the market feature a variety of textures you can experiment with and are strong enough to give a satisfying sting as they spank your scrotum and testicles.

Cock and Ball torture is definitely not something all men are liable to be interested in but if you are curious to try it, then there is plenty of sex toy gear in this field available.

The next group of items we are looking at - for men again - is urethral plugs. The urethra in men carries urine and sperm out from the penis and there are a myriad of sex toy devices which can be inserted. The primary reason to do this is because there are so many nerve endings in this part of a man’s anatomy. Stimulation of this area can potentially contribute to much more heightened sexual experiences.

With a urethral plug, the man is able to stimulate the inside of the penis in conjunction with the outside although admittedly this adult toy is not for everyone.

If you are intending to use this type of sex toy then cleanliness of the penis and the apparatus is essential as is plenty of lubricant. Never force the adult toy down the penis and start off small.

Again, urethral plugs could be used on your own during solo masturbation time on they can be used with your partner while being stimulated with a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo.

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