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If you love platinum silicone dildos such as large silicone dongs or massive silicone dildos, then chances are you will also like cock rings. Cock rings are the next topic we are going to have a brief look at today.

As the name suggests, this adult toys is worn by men around the penis. The usual placing of a cock ring sex toy is round the base although there are some variations possible too. Wearing a cock ring is predominantly employed in order to restrict blood flow within the erect penis. By restricting the blood flow, the penis is much more likely to remain erect and hard. Furthermore, the penis is likely to be harder and more erect than normal. If a man suffers from erectile dysfunction then their use may be a good way to keep the penis hard prior to sex.

Some men wear cock ring sex toys purely as decoration as means to highlight their cock and balls. In addition, cock ring adult toys change the aesthetic of this area and the penis and testicles are subsequently made more prominent.

There are cock ring adult toys which serve more than just one purpose. Indeed, your cock ring may not only maintain your erection, but it may also double as an anal stimulator.

Furthermore, some cock rings vibrate meaning the wearer is pleasantly stimulated. Alternatively the wearer of these adult toys are also able to transmit the vibration to the orifice of choice when they are penetrating their partner.

Some cock rings target the female partner’s clitoris with vibrations. In addition, there are cock ring sex toys which have a dildo appendage on them so the anus of the female can also be stimulated simultaneously.

Cock rings are a very popular sex toy accessory and they are available in a variety of formats. There are rubber or silicone cock rings, more hardcore metal ones, along with leather ones for the leather fetishist.

When wearing cock rings one must ensure that these adult toys are not too tight or worn for too long as if they were, then there exists the potential to cause injury to this otherwise delicate part of a man’s body.

Very similar to urethral stretchers are another sex toy used for the urethra called urethral sounds.

Apologies that these were not discussed earlier! A ‘sound’ is a medical piece of equipment which is used to increase the opening of a bodily structure. These sounds are known as probes and are an effective means to stretch the urethra.

One such reason why a person may use a urethral sound is as one would imagine for the heighten pleasure associated with it’s use. Alternatively, they are used in the instance where a person is having their genitals pierced for example with a Prince Albert piercing.

For those of you that are not familiar with this, it is a traditional penis piercing for men. The underside of the helmet is pierced and it comes out through the urethra. The effect of this procedure is not just aesthetic, indeed it is designed to stimulate the woman during vaginal penetration and produce stronger orgasms in men too.

Urethral sounds are available in what resemble very thin small anal beads.

Therefore, one could have a sound inserted into their urethra which is covered in balls shapes. Whether it is the application of the sound or it’s removal there are some incredible sensations to be achieved according to advocates.

Furthermore, these sex toys are also available in designs which once inserted inside the man’s urethra, can vibrate. Essentially the onus is on adult toys for the penis to stimulate the inside and not just the outside so as to capitalise on this very sensitive pleasure filled organ.

A great way to enjoy many of these fetish pieces of equipment is in conjunction with platinum silicone adult toys such as massive silicone dongs or huge silicone dildos.

All John Thomas Toys are body safe and hypoallergenic. Cleaning is simple as they can be placed in the dishwasher or boiling water. Platinum silicone is non-porous and will not stain or tear and is highly durable.

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