Financial Domination Fetish

Looking at weird and wonderful sexual fetishes which sex toy lovers of platinum silicone dongs may find interesting has thus far been very exhaustive. There seems to be a virtually never-ending list of fetishes which adults have gravitated towards.

The next thing up my adult toy loving audience, is the fetish known as Financial Domination.

We have spoken before about how some adult toy lovers engage in a BDSM role-play with their sexual partner. In this relationship, one person is the dominant party who calls the shots, while the other person is the submissive.

Many BDSM relationships see the dominant person humiliate, restrain, punish and otherwise injure their ‘slave’. The dominant party gets off on the power and punishment because they are expressing their sadist tendancies.

The submissive enjoys being on the receiving end because they enjoy bondage and pain because they are a masochist.

Financial domination appears to be a pretty new invention facilitated largely by the internet and social media. Within this sexual fetish, we have the adult toy loving dominant person who presents themselves via a profile on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

There are many examples of women as financial dominatrices, although men also engage in this behaviour.

Essentially the template for this fetish is that the woman (or man in question) sets themselves up and ‘advertises’ for submissive slaves to ‘buy’ their attention.

Generally speaking the financial dominant person is usually of above average level of attractiveness, they may spend a great deal of time and money on their appearance. They are likely to engage in regular gym sessions, pay great attention to wearing fashionable or erotic clothing or perhaps they have otherwise surgically enhanced themselves.

Taking women as our example, their target audience may be repressed heterosexual men who are unhappily married. These women want to be the object of these men’s sexual fantasies. From the men’s perspective they are highly sexually aroused at the fantasy of actually being physical with this woman. To compete for her attention they offer gifts of money – known as a tribute. The Dominatrix demands money in order for her approval. It may be that if she receives a large enough payment that she will tell the submissive man he may engage in masturbation.

Generally speaking we are talking about men who want to be controlled and humiliated and thereby appease their sadist tenancies. Some adult toy loving men may, once they have sent a payment, be rewarded by an erotic picture or video from their female dominatrix.

Some of these dominant women set up wish lists of material goods which they wish their slaves to purchase for them. These lists may be of platinum silicone dongs or expensive designer clothes or even holidays.

While the woman in this example is obviously doing very well out of this arrangement, especially if she have multiple men competing for her attention, she is also liable to be enjoying it sexually.

Therefore from the perspective of this fetish, it is feasible that the woman and all the men involved are all finding the role play erotic.

Men with more money than sense, are liable to try to compete with each other whilst holding the feint hope that they may one day sleep with her.

The reality is that most financial dominant people never meet their slaves and they are purely using their slaves to squeeze money to fund their lavish lifestyles. The best the men (in this example) may ever receive may be a pair of worn underwear – however for some, that is enough!


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