Foot Fetish

Because so many of John Thomas Toys customers enjoy sexual fetishes with their adult toy in this article we are going to look at another very popular one. Today’s fetish is called Foot Fetishism.

As the name suggests having a foot fetish, involves being sexually aroused by feet!

Other names for a foot fetish is foot partialism and foot worshipping.

Evidence suggests that foot fetishes have been around for hundreds of years with the earliest recorded reference coming in 1220.

If you have a foot fetish then you are liable to be sexually aroused by particular points of the foot’s anatomy. Conversely you may for example love big feet or more petite ones.

Feet lovers may love the differentiation in toes or be particularly drawn to just long or short toes. Furthermore, they may find the arches of the foot, or heels orchestrate a strong arousal within them.

If the feet in question are adorned with painted nails then that might be deemed highly erotic alternatively the feet may be enhanced with jewellery.

If you have a foot fetish then you may thoroughly enjoy cleaning your partner’s feet, or you may long to massage them. All the while, doing so would provoke a strong sexual response in either just you or you and your recipient.

A foot fetishist may enjoy socks or tights or stockings being removed slowly over their partners feet.

While it is a common assumption that the feet can be a very sensual part of the body not all people develop a subsequent fetish whereby they incorporate sex acts in conjunction with the feet.

Examples of additional sexual behaviour revolving around the feet could include licking or nibbling on the toes. Alternatively it could be biting or sucking or even placing your genitals on to the feet.

An example of this may be a woman masturbating her male partner’s penis with her feet. Or a man stimulating a woman’s vagina and clitoris with his feet.

Having a foot fetish can offer quite a lot of scope for the participants to explore. It may be that the focus is more on the foot wear such as the socks or shoes – a particular favourite is high heels which many men and women found powerful and arousing.

If you enjoy practising your foot fetish fantasies with your partner then feet hygiene is imperative. That is unless smelly feet is that which you enjoy!

Perhaps some reflexologists and podiatrists have secret sexual fantasies with feet and that is why they were drawn to that area of work!

Research into fetishes in the UK has revealed that having a foot fetish is one of the most popular. There have been many attempts to explain the cause of this fetish and some of them seem to hold validity particularly when put into context.

During times of Gonorrhoea and Syphilis outbreaks in history, pornography of the time showed more of an interest in foot fetishes. It has been hypothesised that the feet became increased objects of desire as they were a safe area of the body.

In addition it was noted that when AIDS was first publicised in the 1980’s, again men and women became more interested in feet.

If you enjoy sexual arousal with feet then it is highly likely that you will benefit further from the introduction of sex toys and adult toys.

John Thomas Toys have a fabulous comprehensive range of silicone dongs and silicone dildos.

All our toys are body safe and hypoallergenic. Further more they are great for vaginal and anal play and penetration.

Perhaps the next time you massage your partner’s feet and lovingly caress them you could also incorporate a large silicone dong into their anus or vagina.

The use of silicone dildos can bring your level of sexual arousal and satisfaction to the next level.

For hygiene our massive silicone dongs are made of medical grade platinum silicone and can be placed in boiling water to be sterilized between uses.

All our sex toys have a vacuum hole which means they can be used with a compatible harness or sex machine.

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