In this next article we are going to have a brief look at foreplay. Foreplay is essentially behaviours which men or women may engage in prior to sexual penetration.

Many men in heterosexual relationships may never have heard of the term foreplay and wonder why their wives are never pleased sexually!

Foreplay may be considered as the starter before the main course to whet the appetite!

Generally speaking foreplay facilitates sex. If performed appropriately it is liable to put your partner at ease and also arouse strong sexual feelings within them, subsequently making them much more receptive and liable to enjoy making love.

Next we are going to look at modes of foreplay and why they may help in the bedroom.

Commonly in a heterosexual relationship, men want to go straight into vaginal penetration with the goal in mind of ejaculating. I doubt men particularly want to reach their orgasm quickly but sometimes it is unavoidable. If however their female partner is not suitably aroused it may well be that by the time the man has finished she is left wanting.

A man’s refractory period (time needed before the man can achieve an erection again) will generally put him out of action for the short term and the female has no choice but to either live with the frustration or masturbate by hand or with a sex toy.

If the man had engaged in foreplay first then it is much more likely that the woman would have been able to have reached climax with the man.

Types of foreplay vary immensely within couples of all orientation but may involve massage. Initially it may leave erogenous zones off limits and begin with the feet or hands or neck and shoulders. Foreplay such as this is great for bringing a couple closer together and for fostering trust, love and respect.

Foreplay shouldn't be rushed and for example the woman’s clitoris should not be focussed on right away. Instead build the anticipation. The introduction of a sex toy or adult toy such as a platinum silicone dildo would be an excellent choice as would a vibrator.

With the use of a platinum silicone adult toy, the anus or vagina can become more accommodating for the man’s penis.

When using a sex toy such as a large silicone dong always use plenty of lubricant. Women’s vagina’s self lubricate but the anus does not.

If you find that foreplay involving adult toys is helpful always choose those that are manufactured from body safe materials. There are a host of substances traditionally used for sex toys but most carry their disadvantages. The most concerning issue is whether they contain phthalates or not. These have been used to soften plastics used in sex toys and are now known to be potentially harmful to the human body. Other materials such as Latex may illicit an allergic reaction.

John Thomas Toys use only medical grade platinum silicone which is body safe and hypoallergenic. Cheaper materials are liable to tear and stain, again platinum silicone does not. In addition it can be sterilized in boiling water but the same cannot be said for cheaper materials still used in the adult toy industry.

If in doubt do your research before you purchase. Yes platinum silicone toys are more expensive but they are durable, body safe and easy to clean.

Whether you incorporate adult toys into your foreplay or not we do recommend you take a little time to arouse both yourself and your partner as you are much more likely to both experience greater sexual satisfaction.

If you require any further information regarding large silicone dongs or massive silicone dildos please do not hesitate to contact us at John Thomas Toys.

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