Frosted Double Up Plug

Updated: May 15, 2020

Currently we are looking at some of the fabulous accessories available with John Thomas Toys. Those items which are worth considering when you are in the position to purchase your platinum silicone dong or other large silicone dildo.

If you are looking to invest in a quality sex toy (otherwise referred to as adult toys), then always remember that you get what you pay for. You need to consider how long you expect or hope your sex toy to last. You need to consider how easily the toy can be cleaned and whether or not it is liable to mold or discolor over time. In addition and of paramount importance you need to ensure that your adult toy is totally body safe. We mention this as there are some sex toys which have been traditionally manufactured for men and women which contain plastic softeners known as phthalates. These chemicals have actually been proven to be potential carcinogens – cancer causing agents!

Therefore, bearing all of that in mind the only choice for dildos, dongs, butt plugs and anal stretchers – in our humble opinions – is that the material used is medical grade platinum silicone. By all means please do your own research and you will see that we are offering not only an innovative and original product, but it is being delivered in a form which is safe for the customer and durable.

We have mentioned in previous articles that John Thomas Toys are incredibly versatile. Indeed, they can be used hand held either alone or with your sexual partner. Alternatively, you can utilize their vacuum hole and attach them to a compatible sex machine or fucking machine. N.B The machine in question does need to use the vac-u-lock system.

John Thomas Toys can also be used with a harness accessory which either yourself or your partner can wear. The harness needs to also be vac-u-lock compatible. The vacuum hole which each sex toy has therefore is employed with use with a sex machine or harness. An alternative way in which you may want to use it is with a double up plug.

For those of you that are not familiar with vac-u-lock plugs essentially they are (usually) a plastic ribbed plug which pushes inside the sex toy's cavity. The unique patented design by Doc Johnson ensures a tight hold of your toy.

Normally the plug goes inside the toy and the other end is attached to a fucking machine or clips onto the harness that you intend to use. With the Frosted Double Up Plug, instead of being just one plug there are two.

The vac-u-lock plugs are double ended, thereby you can attach a platinum silicone dong or platinum silicone dildo to either end. There are a variety of reasons why you may want to do this, two of which I will discuss shortly.

The first usage of this white plastic double up plug, would be to allow you to have two separate dildos ready for action. It may be that you like to use a smaller dildo for anal or vaginal play and then once you are sufficiently aroused and relaxed, then you can introduce your favored large silicone dildo or huge silicone dong.

Obviously you will be a little limited as if your sex toys are too big and heavy then you may struggle to hold them – let alone play sexually with them. Therefore choose your attachments carefully.

The other circumstances whereby a double up plug of this kind would be useful would be if two people wanted to put a dildo on each end of it and then both to penetrate themselves simultaneously. The most obvious use would be if two women were both having concurrent vaginal penetration with platinum silicone dongs attached to each plug.

Presumably and theoretically (although unclear on the exact logistics!) it would be possible for two men to have anal penetration at the same time if they faced away from each other.

One thing is for sure, this is a handy accessory to have in your bag of tricks!

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