In this next article we are going to take a brief look at what is known as the ‘Bear Culture’.

For those of you that are not aware of this term it refers to very masculine, rough and macho men.

Bear Culture men are liable to be strong and muscular and very hairy and epitomise ruggedness along with other alpha male traits.

Many ‘Bear lovers’ and ‘Bears’ absolutely love our large silicone dildos and jumbo silicone dongs and this is our small way of acknowledging that we salute you and thank you for your custom.

Within the LGBT community the ‘Bears’ have their own identity. Forty years ago all very hairy men were known as Bears. However over time, some men who were very athletic and muscular and also hairy became the new identity of Bears. Within the Bear Community there are also other names used to describe subtle differences within it’s members. An example may be calling medium build hairy men ‘wolves’.

In 1987 a magazine was launched specifically for the Bear Community and this publication which still runs today is called Bear Magazine and is very popular.

The Bear Community also have their own Bear Brotherhood Flag which they are proud to have represent them.

Self identified ‘Bears’ and those that appreciate them - ‘Bear Lovers’ come together at meetings and groups to revel in all things Bear. Here they can take time to celebrate the masculine, strong powerful men they are.

Although Bears and Bear Lovers often love our sex toys and adult toys they are not terribly receptive to men who are to well pruned and manicured. Indeed the concept of the Metrosexual man is the antithesis of the Bear!

Through social networking Bears are able to organise group meetings that they are then able to engage in their sexual delights usually accompanied with a large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo!

Bears are often seen wearing macho leather biker gear, and indeed anything with straps and belts etc. Many Bear customers that we have assisted, have purchased our platinum silicone butt plugs and rave about our anal stretchers. They find these sex toys a particularly great tool to train the anus prior to full penile penetration.

As with all anal penetration, stimulation or play please remember to empty the bowels and clean the area thoroughly with an anal douche or enema. The anus cannot self lubricate (unlike the vagina) so plenty of good quality body safe lubricant is necessary with the incorporation of adult toys such as a large silicone dong.

Whether you are drawn to the Bear Community or simply admire it from afar, John Thomas Toys have a wonderful range of body safe medical grade platinum silicone toys for you to enjoy.

They all come in 4 great sizes depending on your level of expertise/experience with anal play.

All our platinum silicone sex toys are body safe and non-toxic. Furthermore, they do not stain or tear and are hypoallergenic. Unlike cheaper sex toy materials, there is not some elaborate post-usage routine that you must employ. Indeed, you may simply put in the dishwasher to clean if required.

Platinum silicone sex toys can be heated up or cooled down prior to insertion for that extra thrill. All our platinum silicone adult toys also come with O-Ring and Vac-U-Lock compatibility. This makes for a really versatile sex toy.

If you enjoy sex machines and fucking machines then provided they have a vac-u-lock adaptor then our adult toys could potentially be used with them.

We do not however, recommend using 12” and 16” large silicone dongs with fucking machines unless of course you know your machine can handle an adult toy of that weight and size. If in doubt first check all the specifications of the sex toy in question (available on our website) and then check with your owner’s handbook or sex machine manufacturer.

With a quality sex machine and a not overly large sex toy you should be free to enjoy some hands free pounding.


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