Hair fetish

If you enjoy platinum silicone dongs such as large silicone dildos or huge silicone dongs then you maybe interested to know that there are some people who have fetishes for body hair!

In this article we are going to have a little look into it.

Some men and women sex toy enthusiasts love their respective partners to have long flowing locks of hair. More traditionally women have had long hair and men short.

Some adult toy lovers (men) prefer their women to resemble their ideal of how they believe a woman should look which includes long flowing hair. In addition there are many women who have a hair fetish (or lack of) for bald men and find they are most likely to be the most virile.

Alternatively some men prefer women to have short hair possibly akin to more or a tomboy look and find that a turn on.

Many women and gay men find very hairy men highly arousing. This is liable to be due to them looking wild and untamed, possibly suggesting that they are ‘real men’ and liable to be a bit of an animal in the bedroom!

In Bear Culture gay men are often not only highly muscular and macho but also very hairy and the hair is an important part of the look.

Due to hormone changes which can occur in some women they may develop what they consider to be unsightly facial hair. However, some men and women find women with facial hair arousing and something which gets them in the mood for sex.

Traditionally, sex toy loving women conform to societies norms and shave their legs and under their arms. Generally speaking women are expected to be clean shaven or freshly waxed in these areas whenever these body parts are visible. Indeed, great headlines have been generated in the past when some A-List celebrity has inadvertently shown a bit of underarm stubble!

Although most adult toy loving women do tend to shave aforementioned areas there are some that prefer the au naturel look and rebel against conformity. Essentially all they are doing is allowing their body hair to grow as nature intended but it certainly can raise a few eyebrows.

Within the women that purposely grow this body hair there are some hair fetish enthusiasts for which they like nothing better than a ‘hairy’ woman. Indeed this may mean hairy legs or underarms or both.

Some men (and women) are attracted to unshaven women and will purposely seek out their company over that of shaven alternatives.

In addition to the underarms and legs, there is also a variation in how other body hair is viewed. Some women prefer to have their vaginas and anus’ completely free of hair and for their respective partners (men or women) this is potentially a major turn on.

However equally so there are those who do not like their women like this and prefer pubic hair etc to remain intact.

This rings true for men too, as there are those men that totally remove all body hair from their penis and testicles and perhaps opt for a “back, sack and crack” wax!

Some people expect their men to have a hairy chest and because it makes them ‘rugged’ whereas as others insist that their men have waxed chests possibly as it enhances their look if they are muscular and regularly attend the gym.

A final hair fetish within this interesting topic is that of male facial hair. There are a lot of men and women who absolutely categorically insist that their male partner is clean shaven daily.

Alternatively there are those who unequivocally require their man to don a mustache, beard or at least a few days of stubble in order to get them interested!

Whatever your hair requirements for your partner or your own body hair regime enjoy your body and that of your partners and remember that adult toys such as large silicone dongs or huge silicone dildos are a great fun way to broaden your sexual horizons and enhance your sexual well-being.

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