Here at JohnThomasToys we not only sell top quality medical grade platinum silicone dildos and dongs but we also sell compatible harnesses.

In this article we are going to have a brief look at the main types of harnesses available and indeed why people may use them with sex toys.

The main styles of harness are the Vac-U-Lock compatible ones (designed by Doc Johnson) and the O-Ring. All of JohnThomasToys sex toys and adult toys are compatible with both styles and are therefore very versatile.

Why are harnesses used with sex toys?

While men having intercourse with women traditionally would not require the usage of harnesses, nowadays as couples are more sexually liberated there arise occasions where they are introduced. It may well be that during the practice of ‘Pegging’ the woman wears the harness and attaches their large silicone dong and begins to anally penetrate the man. This achieves two things; the woman feels more in control of the sexual practice and the man can have a thrilling prostate stimulating experience.

Furthermore, many men may be unable due to illness/ disability or age to sustain an erection. Therefore the introduction of a harness in conjunction with a large silicone dong enables them to still satisfy their partner.

Alternatively, it may be that the man suffers from premature ejaculation. Under these circumstances the usage of a harness means he can penetrate his partner with a sex toy and when he/she is satisfied it can be removed and he penetrate him or her with his penis.

In all female couples the use of a harness is quite common. Again, this facilitates one member of the couple to physically penetrate the others vagina or anus. Some lesbians may not use harnesses though but instead use a double ended dildo.

Practitioners of BDSM are likely to enjoy incorporating a harness as when used with a jumbo silicone dildo can allow a sense of power to the operator (Dom) and humiliation to the submissive.

Not all sex toys and adult toys on the market are vac-u-lock and O-ring compatible which makes JohnThomasToys such a shrewd investment. Our materials are only ever the finest medical grade platinum silicone and as such are totally body safe and non-porous. Cleaning is easy as they can be sterilised in boiling water or placed in the dishwasher.

We do not recommend using silicone based lubricants with them though as they can degrade the silicone.

If you are new to harnesses with large silicone dongs and dildos start off small first. Get used to the harness and attach a sex toy that you are comfortable carrying around your waist and that your partner is comfortable receiving into their orifice of choice.

Removing compatible sex toys and adult toys from vac-u-lock compatible harnesses is facilitated greatly with the use of Vac-u-powder or corn starch.

Remember to use plenty of lubricant when you use you jumbo silicone dong with it’s harness and reapply as necessary.

Go gently with your partners body as you penetrate using the harness and stop if there is any pain or discomfort.

JohnThomasToys have over 50 designs in our beautifully hand crafted platinum silicone dongs and dildos. Each of those designs is available in 4 different sizes.

If you require further information regarding the use of harnesses please contact us. #

JohnThomasToys promise a discreet service with billing and delivery and we are here to make your shopping experience pleasurable. As our customer we also offer excellent after care service.

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