Continuing our look at weird and wonderful fetishes which sex toy lovers may be interested in, we are looking at another strange one called Hematolagnia.

This fetish is strictly only one for people who are aroused at the sight of blood. While most of us feel a little queasy when we see the red stuff there are others who are reaching for their adult toys and getting turned on.

Hermatolagnia is a fetish for blood and there are various ways blood may illicit this response.

It may be something innocent like seeing a partner with a nose bleed may prompt the reaction or it may be a little more premeditated.

Indeed, some couples who practice this fetish in conjunction with their platinum silicone dongs are even liable to deliberately cut themselves in order to get a stream of blood flowing. A more controversial means is through the technique known as bloodletting which involves cutting a vein and produces a lot of blood. John Thomas Toys in no way endorses any of these practices and advises you to refrain from such things as there is a real risk of disease or infection. Furthermore, losing too much blood or not being able to stop a wound from bleeding is very dangerous.

That said, there are surprisingly plenty of advocates for this fetish. Another albeit less invasive means of accessing blood is when your female partner is menstruating and there are some men that find it a great turn on. Indeed, some men pride themselves on being ‘more of a man’ as a consequence of not being put off when their partner is on her period and still desire sexual intimacy with her.

Some people who are aroused by the sight of blood may not limit their interest purely to seeing blood. Indeed some people like to cover their bodies in it and even drink blood.

Drinking blood is quite controversial especially as there is a great risk of transmission of infection. Those that are into vampires and vampire fetish are liable to want to consume blood although it is highly unrecommended and may cause serious illness if consumed in large quantities.

If you are into this sort of thing it would be far better to use a body safe artificial blood for your role playing games.

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