History of sex toys

In this article we are going to have a little look at some popular sex toys and sexual aids to see where we can trace their origins back to. Nowadays we have platinum silicone dongs e.g. large silicone dildos or jumbo silicone dongs great for anal stretching but it hasn’t always been this way.

If you yourself have more than a passing interest in adult toys such as huge silicone dildos then read on!

The first thing we are looking at is the sex doll. While we have touched on sex dolls in a previous article here aim now to add a little more detail! Sex dolls or adult toys in the form of women have been produced since the 17th Century and French sailors called them ‘Dame de Voyage’. The reason they were conceptualised in the first instance is because these sailors would spend so much time at sea and they would invariably become overwhelmingly sexually frustrated. With little or no contact with women for long periods of time these men were liable to be slowly going out of their minds as they needed to release their pent up feelings. Indeed, there were no Fleshlight hand held masturbators or other equivalent sex toys.

Therefore, using just sewn together cloth or indeed old clothing, these French sailors endeavoured to make a very poor adult toy in the form of a sex doll which they could then use to lie upon and masturbate themselves over. All very crude and no doubt not a very convincing adult toy but we imagine desperate times led to desperate measures!

It wasn’t just French sailors who made and used these makeshift adult toys, indeed Spanish sailors also were known to have made their own versions. They called them dama de viaje. Dutch sailors too, had their own version and they went onto sell their impromptu adult toys to the Japanese.

The Japanese went on to mass produce these sex toys and they became popularly known as ‘Dutch wives” due to their origin.

Evidence of sex toys in the form of dolls has been shown throughout all subsequent centuries of history. In 1908 a German dermatologist and psychiatrist wrote about artificial human bodies being used for the purpose of sex otherwise referred to as fornication.

He noted how these sex dolls were becoming more sophisticated forms of adult toys for both men and women, whereby the genitalia were being represented. Indeed, he noted that (bear in mind this is 120 years ago!) upon the dolls representing women there were imitations of the glands found next to the vagina which secrete a fluid to provide a source of lubrication prior to penile penetration.

Furthermore, there were male sex dolls too for women to use. These adult toys of the time even had means to simulate the release of semen at climax so the woman could have an experience as near to reality based on the technology of the time.

Fast forward 100 years and there are very sophisticated adult toys in the form of sex dolls which have ultra realistic bodies. Muscle tone, feel of the material, eyes, nose, mouth etc – indeed to some they are so realistic that people are quite happy with their sex toy that they no longer seek out a real sexual partner!

While at the beginning of the 20th Century sex dolls of the time would still have been pretty crude in comparison to adult toys of today. Indeed, one of the main constituents would have been rubber. Rubber was invented in 1839 by Charles Goodyear in its vulcanised form. His invention was later used to make tyres and the rubber company was named after him.

We wonder however if he realised that his humble invention would go on to be made into sex toys or adult toys for horny men and women to use!

It is rumoured that in World War 2 that German soldiers were given sex dolls to ward off their sexual frustrations so they could concentrate on overcoming the Allies!

Indeed, throughout history there have been instances of men being kept away from women and subsequently causing a problem to their behaviour and discipline when in the armed forces. It is also rumoured that some soldiers and sailors were given a chemical (Bromide) in their diets which was aimed to quash their libido and keep them focussed!

We imagine nowadays that those serving their countries have sophisticated adult toys and portable sex machines with them or perhaps they have intimate video calling with their absent partners!

As we continue this look at sex dolls as part of our interest in the origins of some common adult toys we will look at what happened in the 19070’s when technological advances meant new materials were developed with which sex toys could be made.

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