History of sex toys (2)

We were looking yesterday at sex toys and their origins. In particular we were looking at the adult toys known as sex dolls. While prior to the 1970’s they may have been sophisticated for the time, in comparison to today’s technology they were in reality very poor and very crude.

By the 1970’s new materials were available for adult toys. In particular we had the introduction of silicone, vinyl and latex. At this time platinum silicone had not been invented so alas there were still no platinum silicone dongs, large silicone dildos or huge silicone dongs.

By utilising silicone, vinyl and latex sex toy makers were able to move towards a hitherto unknown level of realism in their adult toy productions. Skin was starting to look like real skin found on men and women. Furthermore, new techniques meant that dolls could be moveable, bendable and able to be placed into the desired posture. Male and female anatomy was being improved upon and the degree of detailing within the orifices made the sex toy experience increasingly realistic.

While the production of sex toys in the form of dolls has seen a great improvement in terms of quality there have also been cheaper versions manufactured. These low spec adult toys were usually initially made of vinyl and were predominantly inflatable. Therefore you would purchase your adult toy and before you could use it you would have to get out your foot pump and spend half an hour inflating it.

All that preparation sounds terribly frustrating to us. The best thing about John Thomas Toys is that when you are in the mood for some sexual playtime you just need to take your adult toy out and get lubed up. Our sex toys are great for anal or vaginal penetration. If that isn’t enough you can always go for a platinum silicone dildo capable of penetrating both orifices at the same time!

Inflatable sex toys in the form of dolls generally have had a very poor aesthetic finish. You would have to be very intoxicated to take one of them seriously! Penis, anus or vagina design has also often been crude and therefore rather uncomfortable to say the least.

The only thing that these adult toys have going for them (in the inflatable format) is their price. If you are hard up and horny and have no means of sexual contact with another adult then presumably, (much in the same way as the French creators) desperate times do indeed lead to desperate measures!

Being inflatable, cheap sex dolls have been traditionally liable to get a puncture. How frustrating to be having sex with your blow up sex toy only for it to lose all shape and structure half way through!

The problem with cheap materials like those used in these inflatable adult toys is that they are not very hardy. A sex toy needs to be durable and that is why John Thomas Toys only ever use medical grade platinum silicone. Yes it is more expensive than a lot of other materials but there are so many positive associated with it, none least the health consequences which are now associated with cheaper forms.

More expensive blow up dolls were made to cater for those adult toy lovers who didn’t want the cheap silicone versions. They incorporated either a thicker, superior type of vinyl or they used latex.

These middle spec adult toys often had a core of which was comprised of foam which helped to give them more of a realistic weight. Plastic was also used in these adult toys for their heads and possibly their hands and feet.

Middle range adult toy dolls if made from vinyl were also liable to have areas filled with water. The use of water in these sex toys was to emulate areas of the human anatomy such as the breasts or the buttocks and these helped to create a more life like doll.

Latex sex dolls have been very popular to adult toy lovers however around 10% of people are allergic to it so there was definitely the need to find a hypoallergenic alternative.

At the top end of sex doll manufacturing, silicone has been used in the last decade. Also, cheaper than silicone, TPE has been another favourite.

Even top end sex dolls do not weigh the same as a real human but are a lot heavier than the lower spec inflatable versions. To sex toy enthusiasts who can afford the high prices, sex dolls allow you to have “realistic” dolls which you could penetrate or be penetrated by in the comfort of your own homes.

In the sex toy industry many materials which were common place are in the process of being phased out. This is largely because of ongoing health concerns associated with some of them. The most well known issue is in regard to phthalates which is a plastic softener chemical which has been used with TPE and PVC. The issue of phthalates have been linked carcinogenic effects.

N.B Platinum silicone used by John Thomas Toys is 100% phthalate free and hypoallergenic.

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