History of sex toys (4)

Continuing where we left off yesterday, we were looking at butt plugs which are now a well loved adult toy used by many sex toy lovers around the world.

Traditionally, butt plugs tended to be very smooth in texture. This was mainly because the walls of the anus and rectum are quite easy to damage – another reason to use lots of lubricant.

The typical anatomy of a butt plug is a round ended cone which narrows at the base. As we mentioned the base is ideally flared and this would sit at the point of the anal sphincter.

Because generally the anal sphincter muscles are quite tight they should be able to retain this sex toy in position even if the person was moving around.

Before a butt plug is inserted the bowels need to be emptied and for hygiene reasons it is always recommended that the area is thoroughly cleaned. Inside the anus can also be cleaned with an anal douche or enema.

For hygiene reasons, many butt plug users place a condom over their sex toy prior to insertion. John Thomas Toys butt plugs can be sterilized in boiling water as they are medical grade platinum silicone so that way you will have peace of mind that your sex toy is totally clean.

It is inadvisable to share your butt plug with another person even if it has been sterilized. Sharing butt plugs which have not been cleaned runs the risk of the transmission of a disease such as HIV.

If you are new to anal toys such as butt plugs then always go for the smallest size first. It may be advisable if your partner first inserts a clean finger or you use your own finger. That way you can get used to the sensations of the anus and the tight muscles which keep it closed outside of defecation.

Using creams which numb the anus in order to accommodate a larger sex toy is not recommended as there is the potential there for you to cause injury to yourself without even knowing.

Butt plug anal dilators have been used for many years by people for anal pleasure. One use of butt plugs outside of the stimulating effects of using one, is that they can act as a means to train the anus. What we mean by this is that the muscles of the anus can relax over time and get used to having the sex toy inside.

With the anus now accommodated to the sex toy, it can potentially accept your partners penis being used to penetrate it. In extreme cases, some adults use butt plugs and anal stretchers to create anal gaping or if they like to engage in anal fisting.

If you are regularly using anal toys the recommendation is to not keep them inserted for too long. To always stop if you feel discomfort or pain and to give your body plenty of down time between sessions so that it has the opportunity to restore itself. If your regularly engage in anal sex toys then there is liable to be some permanent aesthetic changes to the way the outside of your anus looks. Some people into body modification may therefore partake purely for this reason.

From the inception of the butt plug, nowadays there are butt plug adult toys in literally every shape and size and colour which you could ever want. Furthermore, they are available in many different materials and varying textures depending on your disposition and desires.

Butt plugs nowadays may be made of platinum silicone or other inferior materials such as wood, metal or glass.

Some butt plugs nowadays are able to perform more than just an anal stimulatory effect. Indeed, there are anal sex toys which can double as a cock ring designed to keep the penis erect.

There are many adults who love to engage in fetishes involving animals. One of the most popular is the puppy fetish. In this fetish adults dress up and act as puppies. From here they may engage in BDSM practices of torture, humiliation and punishment.

Some butt plugs used by animal fetish lovers double as tails for the respective animal within which they have the fetish for. Therefore we see puppy dog tail butt plugs or pony tails.

Sophisticated butt plugs are even able to mimic the ejaculation of a fluid inside the users rectum to simulate penile ejaculation during orgasm.

In the coming articles we will continue to look at the origins of some of the most popular sex toys and sex aids including the cock ring and the vibrator.

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