History of sex toys (5)

Continuing our look into the origins of some of the most well known and loved adult toys, we resume today starting initially with the cock ring.

If you enjoy platinum silicone dildos then cock rings may be an item which you are already acquainted with. Essentially and unsurprisingly, a cock ring is worn around a man’s cock (penis). The ring is normally placed over the base of the penis and serves several purposes.

The main purpose which is achieved by wearing the cock ring is that it helps to restrict the blood flowing away from the man’s penis. Once he has an erection the ring helps to keep all the blood in the penis, therefore, this equates in the man being able to maintain an erection more easily. Furthermore, the ring facilitates a harder erection. In order to achieve a hard erection sensation without a real penis, you can always invest in a platinum silicone dildo. We have large platinum silicone dildos and jumbo silicone dongs and everything in between suited to your style and size.

So the cock ring keeps the erection going for a longer duration of time than is normally otherwise achieved by the wearer, in addition some users claim they are helpful against premature ejaculation. In this condition, the man reaches his orgasm too quickly for either his liking or that of his partners.

Premature ejaculation can be a very frustrating thing to happen as it can leave both yourself and your partner unhappy. The man often feels inadequate and guilty and the partner feels let down especially if they have not reached their own orgasm. Furthermore, because a man cannot have sex, orgasm and then go again there is a delay period where they really are not particularly in the mood for sex. Therefore a harder erection, lasting longer and less likely to orgasm is highly desirable for some people.

Alternative reasons why men wear cock rings could be purely for aesthetic reasons. It may be as a fashionable adult toy or it might be in keeping with BDSM practices or other fetish related paraphernalia.

The cock ring sex toy may be perceived as looking good in itself upon the penis, however in addition it may serve to enhance the look of the testicles and penis to their partner.

Aside from cock ring adult toys being worn around the base of the penis they may also be worn just under the glans, or head. This area is also referred to in slang as the helmet or bell end.

Again the purpose of the ring being worn in this location is similar to what we discussed above. In addition the placement here is liable to increase your sensitivity during penetrative sex with your partner.

Furthermore, if you wear this adult toy around the head of your penis and have penetration with your partner then both parties are liable to experience heightened pleasure.

A final placement of the cock ring which a man wears, can be around the balls (otherwise known as the scrotum). The positioning of the adult toy in this place can allow stretching of the testicles and a pleasant ‘tugging’ sensation upon them. Furthermore, the penis is liable to be held more erect than normal too.

Advocates of cock and ball torture would likely implement their usage and assimilate it within their bondage practices with their partner.

Some users wear cock ring adult toys around all areas of their penis as discussed. Furthermore, cock rings may have an attachment which connects to a butt plug or equivalent anal toy. With this, the wearer of this clever sex toys is able not only be harder longer but receive pleasant prostate stimulation during sex.

Throughout history there has been evidence of these simple sex toys dating back around 2000 years. In tomorrow’s article we will continue this topic and look at some of these interesting origins.


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