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Yesterday we were looking at the history of the cock ring which is a very popular adult toy. Indeed, lovers of large silicone dongs or huge silicone dildos regularly use cock rings in their bedtime routines with their partners.

According to historical evidence, in Ancient China cock rings were made and worn predominantly for the same reasons they are today – to enhance the sexual experience of the wearer and their partner.

Early cock rings were believed to have been fashioned from materials such as ivory or jade. As the technologies of the day improved, cock rings altered in their composition accordingly.

Crude cock rings made from the hide of an animal were therefore replaced with steel, rubber and leather as the centuries rolled by.

Although the cock ring adult toy’s origin is believed to have been in China, the first ever cock ring was found in Greece. Interestingly, during Victorian times, the cock ring took on a new role. Rather than acting as a means to enhance sex, it was used for the opposite purpose.

Indeed, the cock ring worn in those times was designed to reduce sexual impulses by inflicting pain and discomfort upon the wearer – no doubt championed by religious beliefs of the time condemning sex and/or masturbation.

It is amusing to think that the ring in it’s pain inducing form is actually used today by some adult toy lovers as a tool within their BDSM role play. Through the use of this sex toy, they can torture and tease and humiliate their willing subordinate while all the time maintaining sexual dominance.

If you are new to cock ring adult toys then you are advised to not wear them for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Indeed, John Thomas Toys does not endorse their usage and you do so at your own risk.

When choosing one of these adult toys to wear, you should measure the diameter of your penis. From here, the ring should be a bit smaller. Different cock rings suit different parts of the penis in the manner which we discussed there are different placements available. As such it is recommended that you only wear the ring in the correct place with which it is designed to reside.

When wearing a cock ring adult toy, it is important to be mindful of whatever sensations it is producing. Obviously it is designed to enhance your pleasure and sexual sensitivity. If you were to notice pain or excessive numbness then this is potentially due to you wearing one which is unsuited in it’s position. In addition, it is liable to be the wrong size and potentially too small for your penis.

Wearing a sex toy such as this of the incorrect dimensions could mean you causing pain or injury to yourself or your partner so please be careful. Also, before you contemplate purchasing one you might want to ensure that you have no medical reasons why it would be inadvisable. If you are unsure it would always be best to discuss with your General Practitioner. Indeed, if for example you were on heart medication such as those which alleviate high blood pressure etc. then it may be not be suited to you.

People who wear cock rings to sustain them longer or to maintain an erection can also use a platinum silicone dildo. As John Thomas Toys are vac-u-lock compatible, it means that they can be worn with an accompanying compatible sex harness.

With a correct harness and the vac-u-lock adaptor inside the sex toy’s cavity, the adult toy can then effectively be worn by the user whilst they penetrate their partner.

John Thomas Toys are incredibly versatile, they are also O-Ring compatible and could be mounted upon a sex machine or fucking machine. Again the only pre-requisite for these platinum silicone dildos to be used with a machine is that it is vac-u-lock compatible. They would also need to not be too big or too heavy for the machine to be able to operate effectively with them attached.

Before you purchase a platinum silicone dildo from us, check all the specifications. For example the 16” versions we sell are massive silicone dongs but very weighty and no sex machine could carry it.

If you require further information regarding the suitability of large silicone dongs or jumbo silicone dildos with harnesses or sex machines then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. One of our friendly members of staff will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

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