History of sex toys (8)

We have been looking at the history of sex toys also referred to as adult toys in this set of articles which platinum silicone dildo lovers are liable to find interesting. Regardless of whether you enjoy a large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo we hope there is something in these articles which you catches your attention.

Having looked at cock rings and butt plug adult toys among others, today we will be looking at Geisha Balls.

Geisha balls are also referred to as orgasm balls, or Venus balls and are a sex toy for women. For those of you that are not familiar with these adult toys, Geisha Balls are small round balls which are usually held together and they are made to be inserted into a woman’s vagina.

More often than not, these sex toys are hollow inside them and they have a string whereby the user can remove them after use. The balls used in this sex toy may be made of a variety of materials and may also differ in size of spheres. Furthermore, some of these adult toys are made with a weight inside them so they feel more substantial when worn inside the body. In addition, many Geisha balls are liable to have chimes inside them.

Alternatively Geisha balls may have a second ball within them, a smaller one. When the woman wears this adult toy inside, movement as she walks around causes the balls to move. The smaller balls causes the bigger one to delicately bump into your vaginal walls causing intense stimulation.

These sex toys have been traditionally used for a long time throughout history. Indeed, their origins are believed to be rooted in Japan around the time of 500AD.

Geisha balls are believed to have been used for many purposes, however predominantly it was for sexual stimulation as these adult toys were found to have the capacity to induce powerful orgasms within their users.

Original Geisha balls were made from carved ivory but they were also developed in metal, glass, latex and more recently in platinum silicone.

Aside from being a great sex toy for women, they are also capable of helping a woman tighten her vaginal muscles. These muscles are known as kegel muscles. Having firm kegel muscles can facilitate a woman’s heightened pleasure during intercourse. In addition, if a woman has tightened these muscles then she is subsequently better equipped to internally grasp her partner’s penis when it penetrates her. Therefore, not only can this sex toy induce powerful orgasms for a woman when used alone, it can also tone vaginal muscles which can then make sex more pleasurable for the man too.

It is suggested that in their early form, Geisha balls were worn by women throughout the day as a means to promote and maintain arousal so they would be perfectly primed or ready, for their husbands at the end of the day.

Early sex toys of this type often had a fine chain attached to one end whereby removal would be facilitated. Furthermore, they also often contained mercury which most of us are familiar with as the liquid metal found in thermometer. Mercury is very poisonous to the body hence it is no longer used for these adult toys as if the balls leaked there would be a problem.

Another subsequent benefit of Geisha balls was identified whereby through tightening the aforementioned vaginal muscles, a woman was able to control her bladder better. This is because following child birth the muscles can become less elastic and which can lead to embarrassing urinary incontinence.

Geisha balls are considered a safe sex toy for women and a popular choice too. It is important that you choose balls made of body safe materials. The sex toys need to be phthalate free as this is a known carcinogen. These adult toys are unlikely to become lodged inside the vagina and generally are quick and simple to remove.

Whenever you use these adult toys ensure that the cord for retrieval remains outside the body and application of a body safe personal lubricant is also advised. They are not recommended for anal use.

The use of this adult toy is also believed to lead to a general enhanced sex drive also known as the libido. While John Thomas Toys do not currently produce Geisha balls they are an excellent sex toy to consider investing in.

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