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History of sex toys (9)

We have been having a fun look at sex toys and adult toys which have been used for adults for a long period of time. Yesterday we looked at Geisha balls and how they could boost sex drive and enjoyment of penetration. If you are single and do not have a regular partner then you can still enjoy penetration by using a platinum silicone dong. John Thomas Toys have a vast range of adult toys ranging from size small to extra large. Within our range you will find large silicone dongs and huge silicone dildos in both realistic and mythical designs. Our sex toys are handcrafted and produced in the USA for your pleasure.

Continuing these articles looking at the history of sex toys we are looking at another old favourite today – the rabbit vibrator.

The rabbit vibrator was designed for women to use as an adult toy. Its purpose was to provide both vaginal penetration and stimulation in conjunction with simultaneous clitoral stimulation to induce a powerful orgasm within the user.

The rabbit vibrator was launched in 1984 and was essentially a pvc covered dildo which housed a vibrator. Furthermore, on the exterior of the sex toy were two bunny ears. These ears were designed to sit either side of the woman’s clitoris to enable clitoral stimulation via vibrations which could be experienced while the vibrating dildo was inside the body.

Furthermore, another cutting edge aspect of this sex toy was that within the shaft of the dildo there were a set of small beads which were capable of rotating and massaging. Therefore essentially women users were being pleasured in 3 simultaneous ways – the vibrating dildo inside them, the rabbit ears enveloping their clitoris and the massaging balls stimulating shallower regions of the vagina.

Other animals were originally designed to be applied with this sex toy such as the beaver and kangaroo.

These sex toys were originally made in Japan and were often brightly coloured and the animal incorporated within them (the rabbit) helped to make these sex toys less conspicuous too especially when there were strict laws regarding the manufacturing of ‘obscene’ products.

The rabbit vibrator offered sex toy users in the 1980’s and 1990’s something more fun and fresh than traditional bland adult toy dildos which largely originated from China.

Rabbit vibrators were commonly sold in adult toy shops around the world but this particular sex toy would receive an unwitting boost to sales when it was referenced in a television program in 1998.

Sex and the City introduced this adult toy to millions of viewers and demand and popularity grew substantially.

Rabbit vibrators remain popular to this day and are now available in preferable body safe materials. In the past the PVC used in their production was liable to have been softened using the chemicals known as phthalates. These chemicals have been linked with causing cancer within humans and are not safe to use.

If you are intending to purchase a rabbit vibrator sex toy then please do your homework regarding what it is meant for. Ideally it will be made from the same material with which we produce are large silicone dongs and massive silicone dildos. We only ever use medical grade platinum silicone which is reassuringly body safe, hypoallergenic, non-porous and can be sterilized in boiling water after each use.

Rabbit vibrators today do aesthetically look very similar to their origins 35 years ago. However they are increasingly sophisticated sex toys as we enter 2020.

Today’s rabbit vibrators are capable of stimulating the vagina, clitoris and anus simultaneously. Furthermore, some can be worn with compatible sex harnesses and facilitate their use to penetrate a female partner.

While original sex toys of this description would have likely been dependent on the mains to operate them, over the years the introduction of battery packs and rechargeable batteries have made them more appealing. If you are not dependent on a mains charge then these sex toys can be taken anywhere such as in the shower or carried with you in a handbag.

Rabbit vibrators can also these days be mounted to a flat surface with a suction cup whereby the user can then masturbate with them hands free.