Hitachi Magic Wand

Lovers of sex toys such as platinum silicone dildos often like to use a vibrator in conjunction with their masturbation or sex games with their partner.

Vibrators have been around for a long time and have been used for massage of the body to alleviate injury or illness. However, with their invention came their sexual application predominately due to their ability to induce strong clitoral orgasms when used by women.

One of the most well known and well loved forms of vibrators is known as the Hitachi Magic Wand. In this article we are going to have a little look at it and why it is so popular when used with adult toys.

The Hitachi Magic Wand was marketed to target painful muscles in the body such as those associated with sciatica or sports injuries. This vibrating wand runs on the mains and is a very powerful wand vibrator.

The Magic Wand was originally sold in the late 1960’s for physiotherapy uses, however it was soon incorporated by women for masturbatory purposes during the ongoing sexual revolution of the same era.

When used with sex toys such as a large silicone dong, the Magic Wand is able to effectively vibrate upon the clitoris. With clitoral stimulation plus deep vaginal penetration with a platinum silicone dildo, many women have reported that they have achieved orgasms.

Furthermore, the use of the magic wand with a sex toy has enabled women with anorgasmia to overcome their condition. Anorgasmia is when a woman is unable to reach her climax. There are a number of reasons why the condition may have occurred but vibratory clitoral stimulation is an excellent treatment.

The Magic Wand is a foot long and weighs about half a kilogram so is easy and comfortable to hold manually for masturbation purposes. If you wish to do so, you may use your Magic Wand with a sex machine or fucking machine. Many of these machines are able to mount the wand and enable you to get into a comfortable position whereby the platinum silicone dildo attached can penetrate you and the Magic Wand can vibrate upon your clitoris (women only sorry guys). Please check that the sex machine you intend to use your wand and platinum silicone dildo is fully compatible. This is particularly pertinent in relation to the dildos, as many of them are simply too big and too heavy for the machine to penetrate with them attached.

The head of the Magic Wand where the vibrations are produced is about 2 ½ inches big and is covered in rubber so it feels soft when applied to delicate areas of the body.

The Magic Wand has been made popular on TV and in feature films and remains a stalwart product for those who either wish to use it for body massage or sexual arousal.

The Magic Wand is often imitated and there have been many copies made but the true quality and effectiveness can only be found in the genuine articles.

If you are put off by the size of the Magic Wand then it may be worth starting off with the use of a smaller handheld vibrator. Sexual health and well-being is so mainstream now, that you can pop to your local supermarket and buy such small vibrators.

If you enjoy adult toys such as John Thomas Toys platinum silicone anal stretchers, then using a vibrator can be another welcome accessory.

Hand held wands and vibrators can be great for not just stimulating the clitoris. They are also effective on the male glans (head of the penis). Furthermore, they can be used effectively on the perineum and the nipples.

Vibrators are not for everyone so do not be put off if your partner does not enjoy their use and it may be that you enjoy on your own during solo masturbation with your huge silicone dildo.

In the next article we will look at some of the other mainstream vibrators on the market. One of the leading manufacturers is Doxy.

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