Hybristophilia – fetish for criminals

We resume today again still looking at the weird and wonderful sexual fetishes which some adult toy or sex toy lovers may find interesting. So put down your platinum silicone dong for a moment and read on!

Today we are looking initially at Hybristophilia. This sexual fetish which is also referred to as a paraphilia is when a person is sexually aroused by being with someone (either in reality or fantasy) who is a criminal of some description.

It has long been accepted that some sex toy loving adults just cannot resist a bad boy. There have been enough incidences of people throughout our lives which were deemed a bad influence or undesirable. However despite the negative connotations associated with someone we are still often drawn to them.

It may have been families or friends who have advised us or even warned us away from people yet sometimes there is just an unexplained attraction. We know we are liable to be hurt in someway from our encounter with the ‘bad egg’ but we are in effect powerless!

Hybristophilia, at first glance seems to be in a similar vein to what we have just described although this seems to be taking it a lot further!

Hybristophiliacs are liable to not just be attracted to someone who may for example lie and be unfaithful. They are more likely to be aroused by the notion of being with someone who is actually dangerous. Examples of the sorts of criminals which Hybristophiliacs may find a turn on include murderers and armed robbers.

Some sex toy lovers may regularly fantasize during their solo masturbation time that they are having sex with a notorious gang leader. They may attach their platinum silicone dong to their sex machine and close their eyes and imagine that their criminal attraction is having their way with them!

There certainly appears to be a continuum within which some people are attracted to “bad people”. At one end there is lesser crimes shall we say, for example a person who has had multiple extra marital affairs and is a known philanderer who may still attract the desires of otherwise well adjusted men and women.

Then we have those that have been to prison for example for theft or burglary that people are attracted to. At the most extreme level we have those individuals who have committed multiple murders and for some reason they are adulated by some.

Some notorious criminals who have been behind bars for a long time, who have been convicted of heinous crimes regularly receive correspondence from men and women who desire them sexually. In some cases the two of them end up getting married!

There are many explanations of this type of behaviour but it is accepted that one of the main reasons for attraction is the level of inherent danger associated with that person. Another reason why a sex toy lover may fantasize about a criminal is because of that person’s perceived power.

Power, money, influence are all potent aphrodisiacs.

Some adult toy lovers may want to be with a criminal sexually because at some level they feel that they can be the one to change them or heal them of their past behaviors. Our advice is let this attraction remain a fantasy and one which you can enjoy in conjunction with your large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo!

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