Improvised sex aids Part 1

In this next article we are going to take a little look at some of the things people have used as home-made sex aids or adult toys.

While we at John Thomas Toys are confident that there is nothing better than a medical grade platinum silicone sex toy its surprising what some people have tried!

We covered in a previous article where people used different fruits and vegetables for penetration of the vagina and anus and even some as improvised male masturbators. Leaving those aforementioned items to one side we will see what else people have been drawn to.

The first thing we are going to look at is the humble tie. If you are caught up in the moment with your partner and one of you is wearing a tie (a real one – not clip on one!) then why not whip it off and use it as a blindfold. In addition, your tie could be used as some make-shift handcuffs if you wish to restrain your partner. Recent surveys have shown that if your sex lives have become somewhat boring, mundane, predictable etc. then the introduction of a sex toy or alternative sex aid can really help to make things more fun and exciting.

It may be worth suggesting to your partner that you want to incorporate a sex toy into the bedroom when they are in a receptive mood! It may not be ideal to bring something out that hasn’t already been given the green light as that could put a premature end to the evenings proceedings! If your partner is unsure about a sex toy, then the best advice is start off small. John Thomas Toys make huge silicone dildos in 16” designs – this would not be a great place to start!

If you want to try a sex toy for the first time perhaps it would be wise to go for a mini vibrator. While it is true they are a poor substitute for a large silicone dong, they can be a good ice breaker. Very small vibrators (hand held) can even be purchased in your local supermarket these days. Although selling such things has caused some customers to raise eyebrows and complain, the supermarkets know their stuff. Indeed, they have conducted market research and their customers have told them that sexual health and well-being is very important.

Knowing how important sexual well being is to men and women it is of no surprise that many of the major retail players have a range of sex toys and adult toys. They may well be tame compared to some huge silicone dongs on the market but their very presence shows that they are in demand.

If your partner has entertained the idea of a basic (subtle) sex toy like we mentioned then choose a good time to introduce in to your love making. You will know after that whether it was a success or not and whether to (a) use it again, (b) let this be the introduction to more fun and sophisticated sex toys in the time ahead like small silicone dildos.

Another good place to start when getting into adult toys and sex aids, is experimenting with sexual lubricants. There is a lot of fun to be had with different flavoured lubricants and indeed there are also flavoured condoms if you are practising safe sex. Furthermore, apparently there are sexual lubricants which can warm up when you apply them to your genitals or give off a tingling feeling. I am not so sure whether the idea of deep-heat or vicks on your bits is the greatest turn on but from all accounts many people say they enhance their sex lives.

Moving on to the next home made sex aid in this article, which is the humble tea spoon!

Ladies this one is for you. If you can find a metal spoon then either in warm water or by holding it in your hands, allow it to warm up. Then by applying some suitable lubricant such as Boy Butter original (made of coconut oil) the tip of the spoon can be used to massage the clitoris.

If you do not have a large silicone dong at hand fear not, many people have improvised and used the end of a hair brush! As it can be a bit of a mixed bag as to what chemicals have gone into your hair brush handle it is always advisable to cover it with a condom before applying a suitable lubricant and using it to penetrate your vagina or anus. We would actually not really recommend this, it may well provide a quick fix but ultimately you are short-changing yourself. Ever heard the saying “why have butter when you can have silk?”. John Thomas Toys are the silk.

Not only do John Thomas Toys come in over 50 different designs, they also come in 4 different sizes within each design, plus within 2 levels of firmness. We have sex toys for the newbie as well as those for the experienced user. The best thing of all? They are all hand crafted from only the finest medical grade platinum silicone which is body safe and hypoallergenic. They are simple to clean and store and if you look after them will last and last.

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