Improvised sex aids Part 3

We return today to continue where we left off in discussing some smart (as well as those not so intelligent) improvised sex aids.

The next item used is the good old feather duster. There are many people who have a real fetish for feather dusters and they can be a real game changer. If incorporated at the right time they can be a great sex toy for teasing and seduction.

Rather than diving straight into penetration it is far better to engage in a long foreplay and by using a clean feather duster the passion can really be built upon. Your woman can tease the feathers over her breasts or perhaps your partner can titillate your genitals with it.

As an alternative to a feather duster, a trusty adult toy in the form of a platinum silicone dong is always a good suggestion. Imagine how aroused your partner would be if they watched you caress your body with the tip of one of our sex toys before you began to pop it in your mouth to simulate oral sex.

The next household item which could be misused is the handy spatula. If one of you is in need of some discipline then why not grab a plastic spatula and use it as a make-shift spank paddle. Because plastic spatulas tend to be quite soft they can be used to spank the buttocks with great effect. If you enjoy being spanked but are not in a relationship or are alone, then have a look at adult toys such as spanking machines. They are not terribly expensive but can attach many things such as a spatula and thereby you can be spanked in the comfort of your own home and the privacy of being on your own too!

The next improvised item has uses very similar to the tie, if you wear a belt around your trousers then this could easily be used as a sex aid. Indeed, the belt is great for restraining your partner by the wrist before you slowly tease them with a platinum silicone dong, great for anal play and penetration.

The next item most of us are likely to have readily available and that is the mobile phone which can easily be turned in to a vibrator. Your phone could be used in a similar way to the electric toothbrush but as before, clean your phone before and after use. There are ways you get your phone to vibrate such as setting an alarm and then not turning it off! Alternatively you get your partner to phone you and hold it somewhere sensitive.

While a vibrating mobile is likely to be arousing if you want something a little more satisfying you do really need to opt for a quality adult toy. You are going to want to invest in something which is durable and body safe. Furthermore, you are liable to want something that looks and feels great and that you know is not going to cause you an allergy. John Thomas Toys tick every box and we are proud to offer them to you for your enjoyment.

No exhaustive cleaning is needed after each use as for peace of mind they be cleaned in the dishwasher or popped in boiling water to sterilize. Most adult toys cannot be cleaned this thoroughly and could potentially accumulate germs and harmful bacteria as they absorb water. Platinum silicone is non-porous so no nasties can get in. In addition, platinum silicone is very difficult to tear and will not stain.

Continuing our topic the next item is the pillow. If you are alone and desire to masturbate then a strategically placed pillow can be great to grind upon. Or if you want to feel your man’s penis penetrate you more deeply then you can place some pillows underneath your hips to raise you up.

Far better than grinding on a pillow though is to have a platinum silicone dong effortlessly penetrate you anally or vaginally when used in conjunction with a compatible sex machine. With a machine it does all the work, you just lie back and think of England.

The machine will never get tired, and it wont climax to quickly either plus you can control the speed, depth and duration. You will never need your partner again!!

As we mentioned before it is imperative that you check the adult toy such as a large silicone dong is going to be operational with the sex machine you intend to use it with. Use of a large and heavy adult toy may not work with your machine if it is not powerful enough. In addition an unsuitable sex toy could potentially damage your machine and invalidate your warranty.

If you have any questions or concerns about the use of adult toys such as huge silicone dildos please get in touch.

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