Improvised sex aids Part 6

The topic of improvised sex aids which people have used as makeshift sex toys or adult toys seems to be quite limitless. In future articles we shall look at power-tools, but for today we shall stick to the less hardcore items!

Most men at some point in the their lives will shave and subsequently are likely to own or have owned an electric shaver. Again, in much a similar vein as the electric toothbrush, the electric shaver has the potential for some misuse! Essentially the main desirable attribute of the shaver is that when it shaves it vibrates like a sex toy such as a wand.

Men and women have used electric shavers as makeshift vibrators to use them to vibrate upon the nipples, clitoris and glans of the penis. This sounds a little dangerous in our opinion and again we would never recommend this. Our advice would be that if you enjoy sex and orgasm stimulated through electrical means then it would be far better to go for a body safe powerful vibrator. To our best knowledge, the ultimate vibrating sex toy for women is the Sybian. There are many sex toys which have sought to copy this pioneering invention but few seem able to replicate it’s effectiveness.

Hand held body massagers such as the Winachi Body Massager wand are a great sex toy if you do not want to make the sort of investment for an adult toy of the calibre of the Sybian.

For men there are many adult toys and sex toys on the market for which penile masturbation via vibration is achieved. You will need to do your research before your purchase as many of them promise the world but deliver very little. The Venus 2000 is good sex toy for men, for penis masturbation but it is a premium product with a high price tag.

If you enjoy vibrational stimulation then used in conjunction with penetration via a platinum silicone dong you are liable to find that your enjoyment climbs significantly and your are reaching longer and more satisfying orgasms more quickly.

Men can stimulate their prostate gland (the walnut shape organ which can be reached via anal penetration). This can easily be achieved by using a John Thomas Toy large silicone dong, platinum silicone butt plug or platinum silicone anal stretcher. Therefore a sex toy which penetrates is not just for women to enjoy!

Back in to the kitchen, next we are looking at the applications of cling film. While most of us it to wrap our sandwiches before we head off to the office for the day, some people have other ideas. Cling film has been used to bind and humiliate (incorporating consensual BDSM practices) partners to chairs or beds. Furthermore, men and women have used it as a barrier method for oral sex or anal play. It is more advisable to use a condom for these uses as it is less likely to break, plus there are flavoured varieties available which should serve to make the experience more enjoyable.

Finally, cling film could even be used as a skin tight top which your or your partner could wear to arouse their intentions prior to sex or the introduction of a sex toy such a large silicone dildo or jumbo silicone dong.

If you find yourselves in the mood for some home renovation then you are liable to have a paint brush knocking about somewhere. Provided it is clean and dry and not soaking in brush cleaner then it has the potential for being used to tease your partner.

Bristled brushes have long been used as a kind of sex toy whereby one person slowly draws up and down their naked partners body. If used effectively and slowly, the paint brush could really arouse and excite your partner particularly if you delay targetting their favoured spots.

If you enjoy painting then you are liable to also own some disposable gloves. As a treat for your male partner these could be worn and plenty of lubricant could be applied before you treat them to some penile masturbation or even anal play. Do first check they do not have a latex allergy as 10% of people are said to have such a reaction.

To further enhance their enjoyment try inserting a large silicone dong anally for them. If they are new to anal play then please by all means, try a clean finger first or one of our small silicone dildos which are found in our comprehensive sex toy range.

As our sex toys are all medical grade platinum silicone they are body safe and allergy free. Furthermore, they can be placed in boiling water to sterilize after use which gives you ultimate peace of mind.

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