Improvised sex aids Part 7

Continuing our seemingly endless look at sex toys and sex aids which people have improvised with we move on to the candle.

Unless you are hot on romantic gestures and cosy dinners it is unlikely that you will have much to do with candles. Most responsible people however, have a candle or two in the back of the cupboard somewhere in case there is a power-cut.

These days unless you live somewhere remote, power cuts are much less frequent than they were in the past, presumably because of improved technology/infra-structure used by electrical companies.

However, the candle is still liable to be found in most people’s homes. If not for the reason above, some people have them as fragranced candles to make their houses smell nice instead of expensive plug in equivalents.

Traditional candles are quite thin and long and unlikely to break and subsequently have been used as a sex toy for anal or vaginal penetration and play. Because they are smooth and with lubricant become very slippery it is understandable why they have found this use as an adult toy!

John Thomas Toys found during some initial research that masturbating with a candle was very common and as a consequence this inspired our Cleopatra’s Candle range of platinum silicone dongs. These sex toys look and feel like a real candle but there is no fear of it breaking in two or getting lost inside you. Cleopatra’s Candle comes in four sizes (7”, 9”, 12” and 16”). The extra large one is a massive silicone dong so please be warned. It is also very heavy so although in theory may be used with a compatible harness or sex machine, in practice may be unsuitable.

Being medical grade platinum silicone Cleopatra’s Candle (plus all John Thomas Toys dildos and dongs) it is body safe and hypoallergenic and incredibly durable and feels soft, but retains the necessary firmness needed for use as an adult toy designed to penetrate you anally or vaginally.

Male masturbators are very popular nowadays in part thanks to the Fleshlight range. Essentially a cleverly designed sex toy for men, the Fleshlight upon initial inspection looks like torch. From torch think Flashlight and you can see how the name for this adult toy came about.

Screw off the lid of the Fleshlight and there is no lightbulb or batteries, instead a pink fleshy cavity suitable to insert the penis into. This sex toy is available in many designs which include each orifice (mouth, anus, vagina). Furthermore, there are many adult film performers who had their vaginas or anus’ used to take molds which are then reproduced for the user to enjoy. Presumably by having a Fleshlight sex toy based on the anatomy of your favourite porn star the man is able to fantasise that they are actually having sex with them!

Like John Thomas platinum silicone dildos, male masturbators are often compatible with sex machines and fucking machines to provide a hands-free experience.

In the absence of a sophisticated male masturbator, many men have resorted to trying inserting their manhood within the opening of various plastic bottles. One of the most common has been shampoo bottles! Again, we do not recommend this practice and feel you would be far better trying a purpose designed male masturbator. For an added thrill use it in conjunction with a platinum silicone butt plug or platinum silicone anal stretcher. That way you would be receiving double the stimulation plus you would be able to massage your P-Spot and induce a powerful orgasm.

From our look at improvised sex toys and adult toys it is clear that the sky is really the limit. A lot of what we have looked at have been quite tame in comparison to what we are going to be looking at tomorrow when we venture in the garage!

When we discuss the adult toy creations which have been accommodated with hand held power-tools then you are liable to really have your eyes opened to the extremes some people will go to for a sexual thrill.

First up tomorrow will be the electric drill so be warned!

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