Improvised sex aids Part 8

As promised today we are looking at the more hardcore home improvisations of sex toys and adult toys.

We begin with the electric drill. A great power tool if you have to make a hole in brick work or wood work. Perhaps you want to mount a TV on your living room wall – most people are liable to have one.

Electric drills and in particular, hammer action ones can be incredibly noisy, powerful and fast. They rotate a ‘drill bit’ with such force that it can power into concrete effortlessly.

Some bored individual must have thought “I know what if we remove that bit and attach a dildo”. From here, various drill attachments were created – some no doubt by men or women in their garages and now professionally by manufacturing companies solely for the purpose of using a sex toy on the end.

With a drill bit with a vac-u-lock adaptor on the end you now have the potential to attach a vac-u-lock dildo or equivalent. John Thomas Toys all have a vacuum hole which means they can hypothetically be used with a vac-u-lock adaptor for whatever purpose.

If you are very brave you can now attach your adult toy of choice to an electric drill by the means above and you then have an extremely powerful sex toy. Using electric drills for this purpose is dangerous and you do so completely at your own risk and we do not advise you use our sex toys for this purpose.

Some men and women love using their electric drills for sexual arousal specifically because of the speed of rotation and force of the drill. If you do use if for this purpose please be careful!

Continuing in this theme we are next going to look at the reciprocating saw. These handheld saws are powerful electric devices used to cut and shape wood. Through mechanical action their blades thrust back and forth and make light work of whatever they are presented with.

Again, these machines have been tailored to sex toy lovers usage! By removing the blade (imperative!) and attaching a compatible vac-u-lock adaptor (and compatible dildo) the reciprocating saw is then turned into a major handheld sex machine or fucking machine.

Using your saw in this manner does clearly create a powerful sex toy but when using devices for purposes other than their manufactured intention you are engaging in very risky behaviour. Akin to the electric drill, this improvised adult toy has a high potential for personal injury.

It would be better to invest in a sex machine which is safe and CE approved than to make your own one.

Finally, another use of power tool has been the electric sander. Again, very noisy and powerful, the sander vibrates vigorously to smooth rough surfaces. If the sandpaper is removed and a protective layer is placed over the sander they have been used as makeshift vibrators by sex toy enthusiasts who want the thrill of an adult toy without the expense.

Electric Sanders are also dangerous if used in this manner so we do not recommend you use them as adult toys. It would be far better to go for a decent sex machine such as the Sybian which we discussed in a previous article.

N.B There have been anecdotal reports of people trying to use power tools which are capable of breaking concrete as adult toys but hopefully they are not real!!

One thing for certain we have realised in these articles and that is that many household items could be used sexually. The main attraction for using these items is that they are on hand and you already have them – therefore there is no added financial cost.

While the use of a banana or electric toothbrush is comparatively tame, we advise you to steer away from the power-tools! Whatever you do though be safe!

In our opinion it is far better to go for a body safe adult toy in the form of a platinum silicone dildo, dong, butt plug or anal stretcher. All out toys are in 4 different sizes and come with a 1 year warranty and no quibble return policy within the first 12 months.

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